Submissions from 2013

Tracing Nanoparticle Transformations in Soybean Plants, J C. Andrews, J A. Hernandez-Viezcas, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Measurement of Nanomaterials in Food and Agricultural Samples, S Bandyopadhyay, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


“Sc2S@C2(7892)-C70: A Metallic Sulfide Cluster inside a Non-IPR C70 Cage,”, Ning Chen, Riane Stene, Marc Mulet-Gas, Antonio Rodriguez, Luis Echegoyen, Curtis Atherton, Yu-Yang Li, Josep Poblet, and Luis A. Echegoyen


Effects Of Zno Nanoparticles In Alfalfa, Tomato, And Cucumber At The Germination Stage: Root Development And X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Studies, G de la Rosa, M L. Lopez-Moreno, D de Haro, C E. Botez, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors Compounds in Wastewater Treatment Plants from USA-Mexico Border: A Perspective of Trans-Boundary Water Pollution, Roberto De La Torre and Wen-Yee Lee

Modern Physical Organic Chemistry, Luis A. Echegoyen

Functionalization Of Metal Organic Framework HKUST-1 Crystals At Room Temperature With Decanoic Acid And 1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxyl Acid At Different Concentrations And The Effects On HKUST-1crystal Size And Morphology, Gabriel A. Gonzalez, Hugo Lopez, Juan C. Noveron, and Russell R. Chianelli


In Situ Synchrotron Fluorescence Mapping And Coordination Of Ceo2 And Zno Nanoparticles In Soil Cultivated Soybean (Glycine Max), J A. Hernandez-Viezcas, H Castillo-Michel, J C. Andrews, M Cotte, C M. Rico, J H. Priester, P A. Holden, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


Ecological Nanotoxicology: Integrating Nanomaterial Hazard Considerations Across The Subcellular, Population, Community, And Ecosystems Levels, P A. Holden, M R. Nisbet, H S. Lenihan, R J. Miller, and J P. Schimel


Nanomaterials In Agricultural Production: Benefits And Possible Threats?, J Hong, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Plant-Based Nanoparticle Manufacturing; Nanotechnology For Water Wastewater Treatment, J Hong, J R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Identifying Sources Of Volatile Organic Compounds And Aldehydes In A High Performance Building, Randy Maddalena, Anna C. Ortiz, Marion Russell, Joshua S. Apte, Michael G. Apte, and Wen-Yee Lee

Photoreactivity Of An N-Acetyl-7-Nitroindoline - Unraveling The Mechanism By Computation, Jose E. Mendez, Nathan J. Westfall, Katja Michael, and Carl W. Dirk

Serving on Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Review Committees: A Faculty Guide, second edition' A. Morrobel-Sosa Exchanges: The Online, Anny Morrobel-Sosa

Nanoparticulate Zno Induced Phytotoxicity And Differential Ant-Oxidative Stress Response In Green Peas (Pisum Sativum L.) Cultivated In Soil, A Mukherjee, S Bandyopadhyay, C M. Rico, L Zhao, J P. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Engineered Nanoparticles And The Environment: Biophysicochemical Processes And Biotoxicity, A Mukherjee, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


Cu(II) Lipoplexes Of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane And Their Biological Properties, Juan C. Noveron

Reactions and Retro-Reactions of Fullerenes, Angy Ortiz, L. Delgado, Nazario Martin, and Luis A. Echegoyen

Reshuffling Activity of Protein Disulfide Isomerase Reduces Refolding Yield in the Structure-Forming Step of the Oxidative Protein Folding Reaction, Rituraj Pal, Veronica Gonzalez, and Mahesh Narayan

FTIR, XAS, And XRD Study Of Cadmium Complexes With L-Cysteine, J Parsons, K Dokken, J McClure, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

In-situ HRTEM Study of the Reactive Carbide Phase of Co/MoS2 Catalyst, Manuel Ramos, Domingo Ferrer, Eduan Martinez-Soto, Hugo Lopez, Brenda Torres, Gilles Berhault, and Russell R. Chianelli

Effect Of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles On Rice: A Study Involving The Antioxidant Defense System And In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging, C M. Rico, J Hong, M I. Morales, L Zhao, A C. Barrios, J Zhang, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


Investigation Of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers In Wastewater Treatment Plants Along The Us And Mexico Border: A Trans-Boundary Study, Beatriz A. Rocha-Gutierrez and Wen-Yee Lee

Seedling Emergence And Growth Of Ricinus Communis L. Cultivars Irrigated With Saline Solution, Y Sun; G Niu; P Osuna; G Ganjegunte,; D Auld; L Zhao; Jose R. Peralta-Videa; and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Seedling Emergence and Growth of Ricims Communis L. Cultivars Irrigated with Saline Solution, Y Sun, G Niu, P Osuna, G Ganjegunte, D Auld, L Zhao, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Citric Acid Modifies Surface Properties Of Commercial Ceo2 Nanoparticles Reducing Their Toxicity And Cerium Uptake In Radish (Raphanus Sativus) Seedlings, J Trujillo-Reyes, A R. Vilchis-Nestor, S Majumdar, J R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


Implementation Of A Multidisciplinary Approach To Solve Complex Nano EHS Problems By The UC Center For The Environmental Implications Of Nanotechnology, T Xia, D Malasarn, S Lin, Z Ji, H Zhang, R J. Miller, A A. Keller, R M. Nisbet, B H. Harthorn, H A. Godwin, H S. Lenihan, R Liu, Y Cohen, L Mädler, P A. Holden, J J. Zink, A E. Nel, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Correlation Study Between Soil-Borne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons And Soil Organic Matter: Soil Grain Size And Sampling Season Effect, Chika Yamaguchi, Cynthia Tilley, Ashley Lopez, and Wen-Yee Lee

Effects Of Copper Sulfate On Seedlings Of Prosopis Pubescens (Screwbean Mesquite), M N. Zappala, J Bader, Joanne T. Ellzey, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

The Effects Of Copper Nitrate On Seedlings Of Prosopis Pubescens, Screwbean Mesquite, M N. Zappala, J T. Ellzey, J Bader, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey


Prosopis Pubescens (Screw Bean Mesquite) Seedlings Are Hyper Accumulators Of Copper, M N. Zappala, J T. Ellzey, J Bader, J R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Zno Nanoparticle Fate In Soil And Zinc Bioaccumulation In Corn Plants (Zea Mays) Influenced By Alginate, L Zhao, J A. Hernandez-Viezcas, B Peng, B Munoz, A A. Keller, Jose R. Peralta-Videa, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Engineered Nanoparticles Block Corn (Zea mays) Production and Threaten Food Safety, L Zhao, Y Yin, J P. Peralta-Videa, A Servin, G Niu, and Jorge Gardea-Torresdey

Documents from 2008


Metallomesogens: Supramolecular Design via Alkyl-rich Metal Complexes, Juan C. Noveron

Documents from 2007


A novel class of metal-directed supramolecular DNA-delivery systems, Juan C. Noveron


Single-crystal to single-crystal phase transitions of bis(N-phenylisonicotinamide)silver(I) nitrate reveal cooperativity properties in porous molecular materials, Juan C. Noveron