Investigation on the mixing dynamics of a channel-type microcombustor

Ivan Alejandro Anchondo, University of Texas at El Paso


This thesis delineates an investigation in the mixing behavior of methane and air inside a channel type microcombustor. The geometry studied was 40 mm long, 5 mm high, and 5 mm wide, and all inlets were 1.9 mm in diameter. Two simple 2D structured grid configurations were simulated for their laminar and turbulent flows, at lean, stoichiometric, and rich conditions to formulate the initial understanding on the mixing qualities of the chamber. It was determined that mixing occurred by diffusion as methane and air interacted at their boundary and by the chaotic trajectories developed at the impingement point of two vertical air jets. Six more multiple inlet 2D structured grid configurations were developed and studied at laminar conditions only. A most efficient configuration was obtained and studied at its lean, stoichiometric, and rich mixture conditions. This configuration was composed by a combination of the two mixing initiators observed from the previous step of the investigation. (Abstract shortened by UMI.) ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Mechanical

Recommended Citation

Anchondo, Ivan Alejandro, "Investigation on the mixing dynamics of a channel-type microcombustor" (2003). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP10511.