Binary-equivalent quaternary logic and gate

Vijaya Lakshmi Atigadda, University of Texas at El Paso


Multi-valued logic circuits have received increased attention in recent years, due to critical features like the possibility to reduce the number of interconnections and the potential for increased information content per unit chip area. However, in comparing binary logic circuits with their quaternary counterparts, various issues exist. ^ The main objective of this work addresses one of these issues, the implementation of quaternary logic gates with outputs comparable to those of binary. The circuit designed is based on voltage mode, as opposed to current mode, approaches. The designed process involved various steps, including detection and correction of faulty output cases from the basic quaternary case to produce binary-equivalent results. The design assumes quaternary inputs and outputs and thus no encoders or decoders are used in this process. Schematics and simulations of the various design circuits are presented and the correctness of results are verified. ^

Subject Area

Computer Science

Recommended Citation

Atigadda, Vijaya Lakshmi, "Binary-equivalent quaternary logic and gate" (2004). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP10517.