Human motion and dexterity: The industrial assembly problem revisited

Praveen Chakravarthy, University of Texas at El Paso


The MotionMonitor™ is a real-time 3D motion capture system, used in medical research, physical therapy clinics, sports medicine labs, motor control, balance, neurological, and gait studies, golf, tennis and baseball instruction and, other situations where precise measurements of the body and its movement through time are required. ^ The following thesis research tested the MotionMonitor™ as a tool to measure and predict dexterity. For this purpose, 25 subjects were recruited. The subjects were students without any previous experience in assembly tasks. In order to validate the MotionMonitor™ as a device to measure dexterity, a standard dexterity-measuring tool was used for comparison purpose. ^ Purdue pegboard is a standard equipment to measure gross hand movement skills which was used to validate MotionMonitor™. The gross hand movement skills were first measured for each subject and the hand motion were recorded for the same. The experimental setup remained constant for all the subjects in order to control various factors like anthropometrical data, position, orientation, etc. and measure only the kinematics of motion. (Abstract shortened by UMI.) ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Industrial

Recommended Citation

Chakravarthy, Praveen, "Human motion and dexterity: The industrial assembly problem revisited" (2004). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP10533.