Integration of simple performance tests with environmental conditioning systems

Babu Sarath Kambham, University of Texas at El Paso


Under the guidance of Strategic Highway Research Program, an Environmental Conditioning System (ECS) was developed. The system simulates traffic loads by application of repeated loads during conditioning and uses resilient modulus as a moisture sensitivity indicator. However, the test setup was not recommended by Strategic Highway Research Program due to poor repeatability. ^ At the time of ECS development and modifications, state highway agencies (SHAs) typically used resilient modulus test results to estimate performance. However, NCHRP 9-19 researchers have proposed new tests, commonly known as “Simple Performance Tests (SPT),” to evaluate performance of AC mixes. These tests include dynamic modulus to predict permanent deformation and fatigue cracking, axial repeated (flow number) test to predict permanent deformation, and axial creep (flow time) test to predict permanent deformation. Since SPT is expected to be utilized by the SHAs in the near future, the objective of this research was to determine the potential of the most suitable simple performance tests integration with ECS for predicting moisture sensitivity. (Abstract shortened by UMI.) ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Civil

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Kambham, Babu Sarath, "Integration of simple performance tests with environmental conditioning systems" (2003). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP10568.