Development of PDA-based telecommunication device for telemedicine applications

Sunil Dharmappa Setty, University of Texas at El Paso


Technology has been used to deliver health care at a distance for many years. Telemedicine is a rapidly growing area and recently there are studies devoted to prehospital care of patients in emergency cases. ^ Our objective was to develop a compact, reliable and low cost Tele-communication device for telemedicine applications that can transmit audio, still images and vital signs from a remote site to the fixed station such as hospitals in real time. ^ The above objective was achieved based on client-server architecture. Pocket PC, a miniature camera and hands free microphone was used at the client place and a desktop computer which was running on windows XP was used as a server. The server was located at fixed station. Whole system was implemented on TCP/IP and HTTP protocol. ^ Field tests have shown that the system can reliably transmit still images; audio and vital signs from a simulated remote site to a fixed station either through wired or wireless network in real-time. ^ Pocket PC was used at the client side because of its compact size and processing capabilities. ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Biomedical|Engineering, Electronics and Electrical

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Setty, Sunil Dharmappa, "Development of PDA-based telecommunication device for telemedicine applications" (2004). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP10607.