A quality manual for V.H.C. Industries, Inc.

Eric A Harrawood, University of Texas at El Paso


The four major areas of quality as applied to a manufacturing facility are presented. It begins with an introduction to the general description of the need for this research, followed by the background of the manufacturing facility, and finally discusses the four general areas of quality. The four areas of quality consist of Quality Plans and Objectives, Quality of Design, Quality of Process, and Quality Improvement. ^ The introduction describes the need for this research and how the end product can or will contribute to filling the need. Finally, it maps out the course of the organization of the manual. ^ The background of the manufacturing facility introduces the reader to the philosophies and the objectives of the organizational management, that is used as a basis to strategically plan and operate the company. The Quality Plans and Objectives describe the goals and objectives in the areas of quality, and the action plans, we as an organization, intend to use to accomplish them. ^ Quality of Design is addressed with the minimum of involvement a manufacturing concern must have to maintain their quality system. ^ Quality of Process addresses the materials, people and equipment issues of manufacturing a quality product. ^ The final topic of Quality Improvement describes the tools, techniques and methods needed to constantly improve the manufacturing process. ^ This manual contains the basic foundation for an over all quality system that can be used in a manufacturing environment. As a company grows and matures, it will need to add new tools to its tool box for handling the never ending cycle of continuous process improvement. ^

Subject Area

Business Administration, Management

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Harrawood, Eric A, "A quality manual for V.H.C. Industries, Inc." (1991). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAIEP26248.