Submissions from 2015

Unidos sin fronteras: La historia viviente del Centro de los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos , C. Leyva

Distance and Documents at the Spanish Empire's Periphery, Martinez

Submissions from 2014


Review of "The Queens Regnant of Navarre: Succession, Politics and Partnership 1274-1512," by Elena Woodacre, Armstrong-Partida


Introduction: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Forum on the Past, Present, and Future of US (Un)Equal Rights. , Chavez

The Paradox of Friendship: Loyalty and Betrayal on the Sonoran Frontier, Martinez

Submissions from 2013

After the Underground Railroad: African Americans Returning from Canada and the Forgotten History of Transnational Reconstruction,, Adam Arenson

Banking on Memories: California History through the Home Savings and Loans Mosaics, , Adam Arenson

Holding St. Louis for the Union: The Urban-History Story of Camp Jackson, Adam Arenson

Review of Empire’s Edge: American Society in Nome, Alaska 1898-1934 by Preston Jones., Adam Arenson

Review of Missouri's War: The Civil War In Documents, Adam Arenson

The Civil War and the Trans-Mississippi West, Adam Arenson

This is Not How My Book Starts: Looking Back at Writing and Framing, Adam Arenson

Mexican Revolution of 1910, Samuel Brunk

Imagining the Mexican Immigrant Worker: (Inter)Nationalism, Identity, and Insurgency in the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles, Ernesto Chavez

’Ramon is Not One of These’: Race, Class, and Sexuality in the Construction of Silent Actor Ramón Novarro’s Star Image., Ernesto Chavez

“African Americans and Immigration,”, Maceo C. Dailey

“Emmett Jay Scott”, , Maceo C. Dailey


“Florida J. Kennedy,” , Maceo C. Dailey


“Inter-Racial Marriages in El Paso in the 1890s,’ , Maceo C. Dailey

UTEP Plays Key Role in City, UT System, Keith A. Erekson


African American Athletes in El Paso, Texas, 1940-1950, Eduardo Garcia

Elusive Justice: War Crimes and the Buchenwald Trials, David A. Hackett

Twentieth Century Europe: Sources and Perspectives from History by John Swanson and Michael , David A. Hackett

Book review of Salila Be;,esspis. ed., Native Claims: Indigenous Law Against Empire, 1500-1920 (Oxford Univ. Press, 20`12), Yasuhide Kawashima

The Tokyo Rose Case: Treason on Trial, Yasuhide Kawashima

Border Fictions: Globalization, Empire, and the Writing at the Boundaries of the United States , Yolanda C. Leyva

Crossing the Line: Mexican Children along the U.S.--Mexico Border, 1880-1940, Yolanda C. Leyva


Editing memoir and writing introduction for "Sangre de Indio," memoir of Chicano activist Ramon Arroyo, Yolanda C. Leyva

Unidos sin Fronteras: la historia viviente del Centro de Trabajadores Agricolas Fronterizos, Yolanda C. Leyva

’Glory Road’ and Texas Western College: Racial Policy, Big-Time Sports, and Higher Education. , Charles H. Martin

"Glory Road" and Texas Western College: Racial Policy, Big-Time Sports, and Higher Education, Charles H. Martin

Jim Crow on the Gridiron: The Racial Integration of Big-Time College Football in Texas., Charles H. Martin

The Revolt of the Black Athlete in the 1960s: The Case of Texas Western, Charles H. Martin

The Boundaries of Indigenous Nationalism: Space, Memory, and Narrative in Hualapai Political Discourse, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2008


A Cultural Barometer: The St. Louis Mercantile Library as National Institution, 1846-1871, Adam Arenson


At the Crossroads of Hualapai History, Memory, and American Colonization: Contesting Space and Place, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2007


Anglo-Saxonism in the Yukon: The _Klondike Nugget_ and American-British Relations in the ‘Two Wests,’ 1898-1901, Adam Arenson


Libraries in Public before the Age of Public Libraries: Interpreting the Furnishings and Design of Athenaeums and Other ‘Social Libraries,’ 1800-1860, Adam Arenson

Documents from 2006


Creating a Language Learning Environment: Salt River...Pima-Maricopa Indain Community...Language Program, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2004

“The Mortal Remains of Emiliano Zapata”, Samuel Brunk


Land, Labor, and Leadership: The Political Economy of Hualapai Community Building, 1910-1940, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2000

"La muerte de Emiliano Zapata y la institucionalización de la Revolución mexicana, 1919-1940", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1999


An Enduring Voice in American Indian Education: The Arizona State University Center for Indian Education, 1959-1999, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 1998


The Role of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Festival in Creating Brazilian American Community, Adam Arenson

"Remembering Emiliano Zapata: Three Moments in the Posthumous Career of the Martyr of Chinameca", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1996

"'The Sad Situation of Civilians and Soldiers': The Banditry of Zapatismo in the Mexican Revolution", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1993

"Zapata and the City Boys: In Search of a Piece of the Revolution" , Samuel Brunk