Dolores Atkins


Julie Wise


Bracero Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Dolores Atkins was born in Parkin, Arkansas in 1948; her family were sharecroppers that would only get a small percent of their work; she began picking cotton at the age of 3.

Summary of Interview

She recalls that Parkin was a farm community and everyone worked in the fields; her parents encouraged her and her six siblings to get an education, but states that no one went to school during picking season; she explains that on Saturday families would take their children to pick cotton and would get to keep what they earned; she details the segregation in town, explaining how they ordered food from a service window marked blacks; she remembers that everyone stuck with their own race; consequently, Mexicans only came into town for liquor and food, then returned to their barracks; she remembers finding Spanish amusing to hear; she never worked alongside a Mexican worker because they kept them segregated.

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22 minutes

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No. 1599

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Mayra L. Avila

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No. 1599

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