Submissions from 2015

Do Investors Value a Firm's Commitment to Social Activities?, Waymond Rodgers, Helen L. Choy, and Andrés Guiral

Implications of Investment Analysts' Exploratory and Exploitative Knowledge on Organizational Learning, Waymond Rodgers and Thomas J. Housel

Development Of A Conceptual Learning Cycle: A Cinderella Story In Accounting Education, Waymond Rodgers and Jon Simon

Accounting Conservatism, Capital Structure, and Global Diversification, Feras M. Salama and Karl B. Putnam

Cybersecurity, Women and Minorities: How to Succeed in the Career, Rose Schumba, Carol C. Taylor, and Laura L. Hall


Potential Fraudsters: E-mails Suggesting Fraud (Spanish), Petrides Yanira, Esperanza Huerta, and Terry Ann Glandon

Submissions from 2014

Adherence to nformation Security Policies: An Exploratory Field Study,, Mikko Siponnen Dr., M A. Mahmood, and Seppo Pahnila Dr.

Submissions from 2013


Classification Shifting in an International Setting: Investor Protection and Financial Analysts Monitoring, Bruce Behn, Don Herrmann, Tony Kang, and Giorgio Gotti

Mandatory Auditor Rotation, Audit Fees and Audit Quality, Silvano Corbella, Cristina Florio, Stacy A. Mastrolia, and Giorgio Gotti

Informal Institutions, Societal Values and Corporate Governance: A Test of Williamson’s (2000) Model of the Derivation of Corporate Governance Outcomes., Ming Ming Feng, Sandeep Nabar, Kang Tony, and Stephen Salter

Factors Influencing Student Satisfaction with Business Simulators, Esperanza Huerta, Kathy F. Otero, and Syed K. Zaidi

Cost of Capital and Liquidity of Foreign Private Issuers Exempted From Filing with the SEC: Information Risk Effect or Earnings Quality Effect?, Stacy A. Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

The out-of-sample prediction of annual operating cash flow: A comparison of regression and naive forecast models, Lori M. Olsen and Richard N. Francis

Using Gray’s (1988) Accounting Values to Explain Differing Levels of Implementation of IFRS, Ramon Rodriguez, Gary Braun, and Stephen Salter

The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Outcomes of Global Diversification, Feras Salama and Karl B. Putnam

Reverse Mergers and Earnings Quality, Kathryn Schumann, Chu Chen, and Giorgio Gotti

Reverse Mergers and Earnings Quality, Kathryn Schumann, Chu Chen, and Giorgio Gotti

Escalation of Commitment to a Course of Action: The Role of Agency, Framing and National Culture: An Eight Country Study, David A. Sharp, Yasheng Chen, and Stephen Salter

Bella's Balloon Bouquets, Mary J. Stevens

Natalie's Nuts, Inc., Mary J. Stevens