Submissions from 2015

Cuts and flows of cell complexes, Caroline J. Klivans, L. Martin, and Duval

Submissions from 2014

Lytic anti-alpha-galactosyl antibodies as reliable biomarkers for the follow-up of Chagas disease chemotherapy, Igor C. Almeida

2x2 Matrix Operations Acting On A Unit Square, Hamide Dunlap

Multiple Tasks Derived From An Interactive Module Linear Transformation And Eigenspace, Hamide Dunlap

Sets of Linear Combinations and Their Images under Linear Transformations, Hamide Dunlap

Structural and functional analysis of a platelet-activating lysophosphatidylcholine of Trypanosoma cruzi, F. Gazos-Lopes, M. M. Oliveira, L. V. Hoelz, D. P. Vieira, A. F. Marques, E. S. Nakayasu, M. T. Gomes, N. G. Salloum, P. G. Pascutti, T. Souto-Padron, Q. Monteiro, H. Lopes, and Igor C. Almeida

Extracellular vesicles in parasitic diseases, Antonio Marcilla, Lorena Martin-Jaular, Maria Trelis, Armando Menezes-neto, Osuna, Dolores Bernal, Carmen Fernandez-Becerra, Igor C. Almeida, and Hernando Del Portillo

Recognition of TLR2 N-glycans: critical role in ArtinM immunomodulatory activity, V. S. Mariano, A. L. Zorzetto-Fernandes, T. A. da Silva, L. P. Ruas, L. L. Nohara, Igor C. Almeida, and M. C. Roque-Barreira

Role of the Apt1 protein in polysaccharide secretion by Cryptococcus neoformans., J Rizzo, D L. Oliveira, L S. Joffe, Guoqiang Hu, F Gazos-Lopes, F L. Fonseca, Igor C. Almeida, S Frases, J W. Kronstad, and M L. Rodrigues

A Synthetic Peptide from Trypanosoma cruzi Mucin-Like Associated Surface Protein as Candidate for a Vaccine against Chagas Disease Article Type:, Carylinda Serna, Joshua A. Lara, Silas P. Rodrigues, Alexandre F. Marques, Igor C. Almeida, and Rosa A. Maldonado

Statistical analysis of a Weibull extension with bathtub-shaped failure rate function, Ronghua Wang, Naijun Sha, Beiqing Gu, and Xiaoling Xu