Submissions from 2014


The Use of Audience Response System Technology With Limited-English-Proficiency, Low-Literacy, and Vulnerable Populations, Matthew C. Keifer, Iris Reyes, Amy K. Liebman, and Patricia M. Juarez-Carrillo

Submissions from 2006


Exploring Agenda-Setting for Healthy Border 2010: Research Directions and Methods, Charles T. Kozel, Anne P. Hubbell, James W. Dearing, William M. Kane, Sharon E. Thompson, Frank G. Pérez, Enrique Suárez, Adriana Peña, Michael T. Hatcher, Melanie Goodman, Kathrin Berg Pettit, Shelly Modell, and Everett M. Rogers

Submissions from 1997

Chicano Studies: Survey and Analysis, Dennis Bixler-Marquez, Carlos F. Ortega, Rosalia Solorzano Torres, and Lorenzo LaFarelle