Submissions from 2015


Hispanic Use of Juramentos and Roman Catholic Priests as Auxiliaries to Abstaining from Alcohol Use/Misuse, Mary Cuadrado

School bullying, low self control, and opportunity, Byongook Moon and Leanne Alarid

Youthful arrest and parental support: Gender differences in straining the parent-child relationship, Michael Tapia, Leanne Alarid, and Donald Hutcherson

Submissions from 2014

Seroconversion Risk Perception among Jail Populations: A Call for Gender-Specific Programming., Leanne Alarid and Jeannie M. Hahl

Becoming a female felony offender, Leanne Alarid and Emily Wright

Improving quality of Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual meetings: Where do we go from here?, Heather Pfeifer, Leanne Alarid, Barbara A. Sims, and Wilson Palacios


A Partnership to Develop a Utilization-Focused Evaluation Plan for a Criminal Justice Diversion Program, Maureen Rubin, Leanne Alarid, and Mary Jo Rodriguez

Submissions from 2013

The Impact of General Health Self-perception and Engagement in Health Risk Behaviors in Two Border Counties, Mary Cuadrado

Contemporary Issues in Sociology, Salvador F. Rodriguez

Does Gender Increase Sanction Severity? Further Explorations of Gender Dynamics and Sentencing Outcomes, Salvador F. Rodriguez

Gender Differences in Criminal Sentencing: Do Effects Vary Across Violent, Property, and Drug Offenses, Salvador F. Rodriguez

The Role of Vicarious and Anticipated Strain on the Overlap of Violent Perpetration and Victimization: A Test of General Strain Theory, Ryan E. Spohn and Egbert Zavala

Testing the Link Between Child Maltreatment and Family Violence Among Police Officers, Egbert Zavala