Burning Signs of Blue

John Veldt, University of Texas at El Paso


I am a beginning poet, and these are my beginning poems. Indeed, I am not Lorca. However, I do believe that his spirit of duende is visible in my work.There is the visible anguish of desire in these poems (just to name a few): the desire to receive a father's love, the desire to be the human animal, the desire to find truth, and a parent's desire to protect her children. It is a longing, a melancholic desire, tinged and/or consumed with the knowledge of death and loss. There is the desire for lost lovers and lost children, the desire for lost selves—past and future.^

Subject Area

Creative writing

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Veldt, John, "Burning Signs of Blue" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10687379.