Method call sequences in JML

Ashaveena Perumandla, University of Texas at El Paso


In a pre- and post-conditions style of specification, it is complicated to specify required sequences of the method calls. These sequences, that are called protocols, are important properties of reusable object-oriented classes and application frameworks. The approaches based on the pre- and post-conditions, such as design by contracts and formal behavioral interface specification languages (BISL), are an effective way of depicting precise interfaces of (reusable) program modules. ^ I developed an approach to specify the protocol properties in a compact and direct way by extending the Java Modeling Language, a behavioral interface specification language for Java. In this thesis, I will describe our approach by describing the syntax of the call sequence specification clause (ordering of allowed method calls), its formal semantics, and implementation. I believe that our approach can be easily adapted to other BISLs. ^

Subject Area

Computer Science

Recommended Citation

Perumandla, Ashaveena, "Method call sequences in JML" (2005). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1430246.