Contributions to the geology of the Cuenca de Oro: Chihuahua, Mexico

Michael Nicholas Feinstein, University of Texas at El Paso


At the intersection of Chihuahua, Sonora, and Sinaloa a boundary between the Seri and Tahue terranes has been hypothesized, and further defined as the Sinforosa Lineament. Near the western termination of the Sinforosa Lineament lies a topographic basin. This study establishes the stratigraphy and structure of the western half of an extensional basin, named the Cuenca de Oro due to numerous precious metal deposits within close proximity. It is probable that the tectonic evolution of the basin is related to the emplacement of precious metal occurrences. The Sinforosa Lineament may display evidence of lateral movement, this interpretation is based on volcano-sedimentary facies inconsistencies between the north and south of this feature. ^ The area selected has never been studied geologically. Five field excursions totaling sixty days of field work and consisting of 164 sample sites have been studied. Outcrop observations, thin-section studies, stratigraphic sections, structural profiles, and a geologic map have been made. This study presents a geologic reconnaissance through the Cuenca de Oro, whereby the stratigraphy is established and structural inferences are made about this extensional basin. By focusing on stratigraphic relations and structural data a working knowledge base has been established so that further work within the Cuenca de Oro can focus on areas in which essential data may be present to help further confirm or deny the interpretations presented in this study. Notable stratigraphic differences are recognized on either side of the Sinforosa Lineament. ^

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Feinstein, Michael Nicholas, "Contributions to the geology of the Cuenca de Oro: Chihuahua, Mexico" (2007). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1449759.