A Virtual Supermarket for Remote Sensing Data and Images

Luis Ernesto Perez, University of Texas at El Paso


A Virtual Supermarket for Remotely Sensed Data and Images (AVS) is a new generation of remotely-sensed-data search engines. Currently, there are many dispersed remotely-sensed data on the Internet, and there are no simple approaches to search through all of them. AVS is a system targeted for both the scientific community and the general public. It advances current remotely-sensed-data search engine technologies by providing a central repository to which any data owner can provide metadata. The search engine is specialized to remotely sensed data, making the data easier to find. The system provides simple data search, advanced data search, membership accounts, user profiles, a contact page, and an administrator interface to manage all aspects of membership and information in the repository. The data provided are validated and maintained to ensure their consistency and correctness. For the general public and the scientific community, the system will improve the search experience by providing, a natural query language search module and several enhancements over the interface such as keyword examples, visual cues and result presentation options. The system was implemented following a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document that was validated by the client. The system was validated by scheduling reviews with the client, Dr. Raed Aldouri. The AVS system has been verified through testing. In order to support the proposed approach, a user study was performed to determine the effectiveness of AVS and to acquire important user feedback that will help improve the system.^

Subject Area

Geography|Computer Science

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Perez, Luis Ernesto, "A Virtual Supermarket for Remote Sensing Data and Images" (2008). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1453824.