Determinism in power signatures of electronics for health monitoring

Giancarlo Rayas, University of Texas at El Paso


The increasingly use of electronic equipment in various aspects of modern life has lead to implementation of numerous testing phases during the design, assessment, and manufacture of electronic equipment. Even though testing phases of electronic equipment look for design errors, fabrication errors, and fabrication defects during manufacturing process, post manufacturing testing phases are ineffective or inexistent for electronic equipment. Therefore, an additional post manufacturing testing phase is needed to guarantee safe operation and reliability of electronic equipment during successive operations. ^ This research presents the exploratory work required for implementing a post manufacturing testing phase. Post manufacturing testing phase consists in analyzing the power consumption of a Personal Computer (PC) at boot up to correlate hardware computation with power consumption. Correlation between hardware computation and power consumption was used to establish the determinism of the power signature of electronics for health monitoring from run-to-run and from system-to-system on a total of 10 PCs. The motivation of this research is to identify emerging electronic failures to reduce expenses associated to field failures or to safeguard of human lives.^

Subject Area

Engineering, Biomedical|Engineering, Electronics and Electrical|Computer Science

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Rayas, Giancarlo, "Determinism in power signatures of electronics for health monitoring" (2008). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1453833.