IGOs and juridical organs

Janeth Diaz, University of Texas at El Paso


Do the number of members, the level of democracy, and the level of institutionalization contribute to the creation and use of a juridical organ in IGOs? This study utilizes 495 IGOs in order to answer this question and examine which of these three elements, or all of them, are relevant to the creation and use of any type of juridical mechanism in an IGO. For each of these characteristics five dependent variables were tested. Empirical results indicate that neither the level of democracy nor the number of membership contributes to the creation and use of a juridical mechanism. In contrast, only institutional structure was considered highly statistically significant. Unexpectedly, the number of membership becomes statistically significant for the possession of formal mediation in IGOs when institutional structure is absent. ^

Subject Area

Political Science, International Law and Relations

Recommended Citation

Diaz, Janeth, "IGOs and juridical organs" (2009). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1465245.