Bridging the gap between middle school eighth grade and high school ninth grade: Developing a transition program

John Thomas Roskosky, University of Texas at El Paso


Research on transition programs between middle school and high school suggests the need for programs that will assist the young adolescent in making a smooth transition from one level to the next. This is not always the case. Many school programs consist solely of a visitation day, or half-day, near the end of the eighth grade year and an assembly at the beginning of the ninth grade. The jump from middle school to high school can be measured in light years for many of these adolescents. Not only are they dealing with the vast academic differences between the two levels but they are attempting to adjust to the many physical and emotional changes going on in their lives during this stage. ^ Research suggests that these students can not expect to easily acclimate immediately to their new, and sometimes, unfriendly environment without support before the new school year begins and during the first year in high school. Many of these students lack basic coping skills such as time management, good study habits, a positive self-image, and the ability to interact in a positive fashion with others that may be coming from far different backgrounds. ^ This study develops and begins the evaluation process of a transitional program designed to assist students as they move from the middle school to high school. The program will be implemented to serve students in one feeder pattern of a large urban high school with a population exceeding 1,300 students. In addition, the program will assist incoming freshmen in becoming successfully integrated into the high school environment. The vision for this transition program includes time management skills, social skills, study skills, games and physical activities as stress reducers and esteem builders, activities designed to help the student become comfortable in their new surroundings, and career exploration. ^

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Education, Administration

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Roskosky, John Thomas, "Bridging the gap between middle school eighth grade and high school ninth grade: Developing a transition program" (2006). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI3242133.