Submissions from 2014

Deconstructing systems of segregation: Leadership challenges in an urban school, E. DeMatthews

Dimensions of social justice leadership: A critical review of actions, challenges, dilemmas, and opportunities for the inclusion of students with disabilities in US schools, E. DeMatthews

How to improve curriculum leadership: Integrating leadership theory and management strategies. , E. DeMatthews

If you build it they will learn: What principals must know about professional learning communities. , E. DeMatthews

Looks like ten miles of bad road: Cheating, gaming, mistrust, and an interim principal in an urban Texas high school, E. DeMatthews

Principal and teacher collaboration. An exploration of distributed leadership in professional learning communities. , E. DeMatthews

What principals need to know about shared decision making, E. DeMatthews

Preparing school leaders for special education: Old criticisms and new directions , E. DeMatthews and B. Edwards

Identification Problems: US special education eligibility for English language learners, E. DeMatthews, Brent Edwards, and E. Nelson

Social justice leadership for inclusion: Exploring challenges in an urban district struggling to address inequities, E. DeMatthews and B. Mawhinney


Historical Trends in Educational Decentralization in the United States and Developing Countries: A Periodization and Comparison in the Post-WWII Context, B. Edwards and E. DeMatthews

Submissions from 2013

Teaching for tomorrow's schools, D. Beach, R. III Reyes, Maria Teresa Cortez, and Judy Reinhartz

Ysleta Arts Alive! Year 3 DVD Script, L. Casillas-Lowenberg and Maria Teresa Cortez

Ysleta Arts Alive! Brochure, L. Casillas-Lowenberg, C. Hughes, and Maria Teresa Cortez

Ysleta Arts Alive! Repliction Model, L. Casillas-Lowenberg, C. Hughes, and Maria Teresa Cortez

Ysleta Arts Alive! Compendium, L. Casillas-Lowenberg, C. Hughes, N. Green, S. Rippberger, and Maria Teresa Cortez

A portrait of a Hispanic female dropout, Maria Teresa Cortez

Teenage Dropouts, Maria Teresa Cortez

Teacher Quality Grants Program 2007 Grantee, Maria Teresa Cortez and Judy Reinhartz

A Study of the Impact of Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Programs on the Supply and Demand for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals, J. Lamarr Cox and William J. Johnston

Developing more effective interview skills, John Daresh

Words from the 'Trenches:' Principals' perspectives on effective school leadership characteristics, John Daresh

Developing a Teaching Style: Methods for Elementary School Teachers, Jorge A. Descamps

Teachers helping teachers: the path to school improvement. In Edutopia: Success Stories for Learning in the Digital Age Sara Armstrong, editor. The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Jossey-Bass,, Jorge A. Descamps

Chapter: Educational Administration in the Postmodern Age. Spencer Maxcy (ed.) , William J. Johnston

Secundaria y precariedad:Estudiar en Cd. Juárez, Laura Jurado, Zulma Y. Mendez, and Rodolfo Rincones


Cooperative learning and the contradictory nature of reform, Zulma Y. Mendez

What makes for an ideal principal? A framework for leadership development and organizational success as perceived by lead teachers., M A. Negrete, Richard D. Sorenson, and Maria Teresa Cortez

A Case Study of a New High School Principal: Instructional Challenges and Administrative Interventions Relating to Immigrant Students and teacher Apathy on the U.S./Mexico Border, Richard D. Sorenson

Sorenson, R.D. Goldsmith, L.M. The principal's guide to school budgeting. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press., Richard D. Sorenson

Sorenson, R.D. Survival tactics for new principals: What school board members should know. American School Board Journal., Richard D. Sorenson

The brain behind the operation: Five ways for Principals to become better thinkers and decision makers, Richard D. Sorenson

How to interview, hire and retain high quality new teachers , Daresh, Bridget Teacher, Chicago Public Schools and John Daresh

Dean's Report - MA Graduate Review, Josefina V. Tinajero and Don P. Schulte

Dean's Report - TLC Ph.D. Graduate Review, Josefina V. Tinajero and Don P. Schulte

A sense of classroom community in distance education: Views from tribal college students, Valerie Todacheene and Eduardo C. Arellano

The "American Narrative" at U.S.-Mexico border colleges: Results from a multi-method study, Monica F. Torres, Kathryn Valentine, Mary Prentice, Robin Dankovich, and Eduardo C. Arellano