Submissions from 2015


Are young people using electronic media as a way of coping with stress?

Counseling Military Veterans: Advocating for Culturally Competent and Holistic Interventions, Carrola and Corbin-Burdick

Effective Correctional Counseling: Supervisors Recommendations for Best Practices, Paul Carrola, Angus S. Mungal, and Marilyn F. Corbin-Burdick

The Nassaus of Luxembourg: An Interdisciplinary Discussion, Roberto Gonzalez

Submissions from 2014

Using the MO(o)D PIRATE Malingering Mnemonic Risk Assessment to Gauge Malingering Risk, and Provide General Implications and Guidelines, Carrola


Crisis Intervention With Families: Assessing Changes in Family Characteristics, Myer, C. Williams, Haley, M. Brownfield, B. McNicols, and Pribozie

Submissions from 2013

Connecting adolescents with their geographically separated parents: Videoconferencing for reading support, Christopher M. Akers and Deborah Reed

Home-based family intervention programs: An affirmation of the Homebuilder’s Model., Don C. Combs

An examination of Hispanic counseling students’multicultural training experiences: Training effects and students’ perceptions Counselor Education and Supervision (49) 4 247-263, Ginger L. Dickson, Beverley Argus-Calvo, and Nancy Tafoya

Queen Victoria's "Family", Roberto Gonzalez

Counseling in Taiwan, Yuh-Jen M. Guo, Shu-Ching C. Wang, and Don C. Combs

Crisis intervention with families, Melinda Haley, Jamie Brownfield, Kelley McKnicholes, Nickole Topka, and Rick Myer

Prereferral school-based teams: How effective are they? , Helen M. Hammond and Lawrence C. Ingalls

Growing older gracefully: Resilience and life satisfaction among Mexican American elderly, C. H. Huber and Merranda Marin

Professional Counseling in Taiwan: Past to Future, Yu-Ching Lin, Veronica Johnson, Yuh-Jen M. Guo, Shu-Ching C. Wang, and Don C. Combs

Borderland: Best practices for school counselors working with the impact of violence and trauma students, Merranda Marin

Coping with racial microaggressions in the classroom: A Latina perspective on maintaining credibility and safety, Merranda Marin

Exploring the reliability of measures of family protective factors of resilience in a Mexican-American population, Merranda Marin

Developing a Contextualized Teacher Identity: Embracing the Culture of the Borderlands., J. H. Munter, N. Tafoya, S. Trillo, and Beverley Argus-Calvo

Using project-based learning to teach foundations of community agency counseling, Rick A. Myaer and Sarah Peterson

The influence of testing prompt and condition on middle school students’ retell performance, Yaacov Petscher and Deborah Reed

The ecological and population validity of reading interventions for adolescents: Can effectiveness be generalized?, Audrey M. Sorrells, Heather A. Cole, Nara N. Takakawa, and Deborah Reed

The assessment of acculturation for adolescents: A factor analysis., Enedina Vazquez, Frances Aguilar, and Merranda Marin

Multicultural training, racism, and evaluation of competence, L. Vazquez and Merranda Marin

Multicultural training, racism, and evaluation of competence., Luis Vazquez, Enedina Vazquez, and Merranda Marin

Duty to Warn and Protect : Not in Texas, S. Villalobos, Phillip Barbee, Don C. Combs, and Fabiola Eckleberry

Bilingual assessment on the U.S.-Mexico Border The Texas School Psychologist, T. A. Wood and Beverley Argus-Calvo