Submissions from 2015

Sizing Considerations for Ultracapacitors in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems, Valentin Bolborici, Francis P. Dawson, and Keryn K. Lian

A Finite Volume Method and Experimental Study of a Stator of a Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Rotary Ultrasonic Motor, Valentin Bolborici, Francis P. Dawson, and Mary C. Pugh

PON/xDSL Hybrid Access Networks, Elliott I. Gurrola, Michael P. McGarry, Yuanqiu Luo, and Frank Effenberger

Person detection in hyperspectral images via skin segmentation using an active learning approach, Ion Marques, Manuel Graña, Stephanie M. Sanchez, Mohammed Q. Alkhatib, and Miguel Velez-Reyes

Towards human skin detection via hyperspectral image unmixing, Ion Marques, Manuel Graña, and Miguel Velez-Reyes

3D Printed All–Dielectric Frequency Selective Surface with Large Bandwidth and Field-of-View, Raymond Rumpf, Jay H. Barton, Cesar R. Garcia, Eric A. Berry, and Rodolfo Salas

Skin detection in hyperspectral imagery, Stephanie M. Sanchez and Miguel Velez-Reyes

List of Publications and Presentations, David Zubia

Submissions from 2014


Integrating spatial information in unmixing using the nonnegative matrix factorization, Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez and Miguel Velez-Reyes


Development of metamaterial based low cost passive wireless temperature sensor, Mohammad A. Karim, M Shuvo, D Delfin, Yin Lin, Ahsan Choudhuri, and Raymond Rumpf

3D Printing for the Rapid Prototyping of Structural Electronics, Eric MacDonald

3D Printing Multi-Functionality: Structures with Electronics, Eric MacDonald


Noise reduction in PET sinograms using non-local total variation regularization, Jose Mejia, Boris Mederos, Sergio D. Cabrera, Humberto Ochoa Dominguez, and Osslan O. Vergara Villegas


Phonocardiography: Recording of Heart Sounds and Murmurs, Homayo Nazeran-Esfahani


Automatic sleep staging by simultaneous analysis of ECG andrespiratory signals in long epochs, Homayo Nazeran-Esfahani, Farideh Ebrahimi, and Kamaledin S. Setaredan PhD


Issues of Adjustment to Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Devices, Homayo Nazeran-Esfahani, Emily Piven Haltiwanger OTD, and Ursel Lovett MOT


Modified transfer matrix method model for a fiber Bragg grating strain sensor in polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber, Joel Quintana, Raymond Rumpf, and Virgilio Gonzalez

Acceleration and the Second Derivative, Scott A. Starks

An Example of Power Functions: Kinetic Energy, Scott A. Starks

Charge and Current, Scott A. Starks

Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions, Scott A. Starks

Electric Power and the Product Rule, Scott A. Starks

Experiments with Exponentials, Scott A. Starks

Exponential Decay , Scott A. Starks

Faraday's Law: An Application of the Derivative, Scott A. Starks

Ideal Gas Law and the Chain Rule, Scott A. Starks

Inverse Functions in Engineering, Scott A. Starks

Linear Approximation, Scott A. Starks

Liquid Soap Manufacturing, Scott A. Starks

Logarithms in Engineering, Scott A. Starks

Maximizing Power, Scott A. Starks

Modeling the Rise and Fall Times of a Digital Electronic Circuit with the Logistic Function, Scott A. Starks

Nonlinear Springs, Scott A. Starks

Optimal Design of an Aluminum Can, Scott A. Starks

Other Applications of the Derivative, Scott A. Starks

Related Rates, Scott A. Starks

RMS Value fof a Sinusoidal Signal, Scott A. Starks

Sinusoidal Signals and Amplitude Modulation, Scott A. Starks

Tension in a Rope, Scott A. Starks


Using undiagnosed data to enhance computerized breast cancer analysis with a three stage data labeling method, Wenqing Sun, TZU-Liang Bill Tseng, Bin Zheng, Flemin Lure, Teresa Wu, Giulio Francia, Sergio D. Cabrera, Jianying Zhang, Miguel Velez-Reyes, and Wei Qian


Integrating Spatial Information in Unsupervised Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Multiscale Representation, Maria C. Torres-Madronero and Miguel Velez-Reyes


Subsurface unmixing for benthic habitat mapping using hyperspectral imagery and lidar-derived bathymetry, Maria C. Torres-Madronero and Miguel Velez-Reyes

Submissions from 2013

All-Dielectric Frequency Selective Surface for High Power Microwaves, Jay H. Barton, Cesar R. Garcia, David Gray, and Raymond Rumpf

A Finite Volume Method and Experimental Study of a Stator of a Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Rotary Ultrasonic Motor, Valentin Bolborici

Sensor Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks using Global and Local Consensus Distances, J. Cota-Ruiz and Jose G. Rosiles

Sizing Considerations for Ultracapacitors in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems, Francis P. Dawson, Keryn K. Lian, and Valentin Bolborici

Selective CdTe Nanoheteroepitaxial Growth on Si(100) Substrates Using the Close-Spaced Sublimation (CSS) Technique Without the Use of a Mask, Aryzbe Diaz, Domingo A. Ferrer, and Stella A. Quinones

Guided-Mode Resonance Filter Compensated to Operate on a Curved Surface, Marvin Gates, Carrie Kozikowski, William A. Davis, and Raymond Rumpf

Comparing Quadtree Region Partitioning Metrics for Hyperspectral Unmixing, Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez and Miguel Velez-Reyes


Multi-temporal unmixing analysis of Hyperion images over the Guanica dry forest, Miguel A. Goenaga, Maria C. Torres-Madronero, Skip J. Van Bloem, Jesus D. Chinea, and Miguel Velez-Reyes

'Architecture of a Dual Stage Optical Label Switch Using Out-of-Band Wavelenh and Code Optical Properties.', Virgilio Gonzalez

'Circuit Establishment in an All-Optical Backbone Network',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Circuit Selection in a Hybrid Optical-CDMA and WDM All-Optical Network',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Cooperative Learning and Mobile Classrooms: Collaboration and Course Re-Design',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Creation and Application of Mobile Computer Classrooms for Teaching and Assessment',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Development of a Communications Course Integrating a Virtual Laboratory and Complex Simulations' ,, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Development of an Undergraduate Communications Simulation Laboratory ',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Efficient Routing for Hybrid Optical-CDMA and WDM All-Optical Networks',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Engineering Gatekeeper Course Re-Design: Impact of the revision of Engineering/Computer Science coursework at aMinority Institution',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'High-Capacity All-Optical Networks',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Internet High Capacity TSD',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Optical Fiber Local Area Networks',, Virgilio Gonzalez

'Routing algorithm using the flooding mechanism in a hybrid optical-CDMA and WDM all-optical network,', Virgilio Gonzalez

'Successful Collaboration between Engineering and Education Leads to Creation of a Mobile Learning Environment Based on Tablet PCs',, Virgilio Gonzalez

Feed Forward Bandwidth Indication (FFBI): Cooperation for an accurate bandwidth forecast, Rami Haddad and Michael P. McGarry

Video Bandwidth Forecasting, Rami Haddad, Patrick Seeling, and Michael P. McGarry

Minimizing Video Retransmission Delay and Energy Consumption With Caching Routers, Jesus Hernandez, Violet Syrotiuk, Rony Ferzli, and Michael P. McGarry

Compressive sensing method for improved reconstruction of gradient-sparse magnetic resonance images, Cristiano Jacques Miosso and Ricardo F. Von Borries


Enhancement of hyperspectral imagery using spectrally weighted tensor anisotropic nonlinear diffusion for classification, Maider Marin-McGee and Miguel Velez-Reyes


Electromagnetic Isolation of a Microstrip by Embedding in a Spatially Variant Anisotropic Metamaterial, Raymond C. Rumpf, Cesar R. Garcia, Harvey H. Tsang, Julio E. Padilla, and Michael D. Irwin


Optimization of Planar Self-Collimating Photonic Crystals, Raymond Rumpf and Javier Pazos


3D Printed Lattices with Spatially Variant Self-Collimation, Raymond Rumpf, Javier Pazos, Cesar R. Garcia, Luis Ochoa, and Ryan Wicker


Platform for research and education on ground penetrating radar, Michelle Salvador, Virginia Jimenez, R. G. Lopez, and Ricardo F. Von Borries


EIBT: Exclusive Intervals for Bulk Transfers on EPONs, Xing Wei, Frank Aurzada, Michael P. McGarry, and Martin Reisslein

Submissions from 2012


A mathematical model for the validation of the Ground Reaction Force Sensor in Human Gait Analysis, Jorge Garza-Ulloa, Huiying Yu, and Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan


Investigation of the DBA Algorithm Design Space for EPONs, Michael P. McGarry and Martin Reisslein


Accuracy of Video Frame Size Forecasting, Michael P. McGarry, Patrick Seeling, Rami Haddad, and Jesus Hernandez

Submissions from 2011


Application of wearable sensors for human gait analysis using fuzzy computational algorithm, Murad Alaqtash, Huiying Yu, Richard Bower, Amr Abdelgawad, and Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan


Conductive Polymer Coated Threads as Electrical Interconnect in e-Textiles, Michael D. Irwin, David A. Roberson, Richard I. Olivas, Ryan B. Wicker, and Eric MacDonald


Measurement of functional impairments in human locomotion using pattern analysis, Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan, Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, A. Abdelgawad, E. Spier, and R. Brower

Submissions from 2006


An adaptive image segmentation process for the classification of lung biopsy images, Daniel W. McKee, Walker H. Land, Tatyana A. Zhukov, Dansheng S. Song, and Wei Qian

Submissions from 2004


Observations and simulations of the low velocity-to-hypervelocity impact crater transition for a range of penetrator densities into thick aluminum targets, O. L. Valerio-Flores, L. E. Murr, V. S. Hernandez, and Stella A. Quinones

Submissions from 2002


Frequency Response Analysis of an Artificial Neural Network Modeling the Lamina Ganglionaris of Musca domestica, Karen G. Haines, John A. Moya, and Thomas P. Caudell


The functionality of extracellular diffusion in electrical neural processing, Karen G. Haines, John A. Moya, and Thomas P. Caudell


Experimental observations and computer simulations of spherical aluminum-alloy projectiles impacting plane limestone targets, F. M. Randrianarivony, S. Lair, Stella A. Quinones, and L. E. Murr

Submissions from 2000


Visualizing communication between neurons in the lamina ganglionaris of Musca domestica, Karen G. Haines, Barak A. Pearlmutter, John A. Moya, Kim Edlund, and Thomas P. Caudell