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Created by Senate Bill 183, the State School of Mines and Metallurgy was founded in 1913 due to El Pasoans’ requests for a school to train mining engineers and metallurgists to help support the local mining and smelting industries. In 1914 the State School of Mines opened on land and buildings east of Ft. Bliss that were formerly occupied by the El Paso Military Institute. University of Texas Regents named Stephen Worrell as the first dean. The University of Texas at El Paso Photographs series (part of the UTEP Collection records) dates 1910s – 2000s, bulk 1950s – 1970s. Types of records include photographs and negatives. These records document UTEP’s students, faculty, staff, operations, activities, buildings, and campus life from the 1910s to the 2000s.

MS001_Architectural_Drawings.pdf (83 kB)
Architectural Drawings and Maps

MS001 UTEP Athletic Department records.pdf (415 kB)
Athletic Department records

MS001 UTEP Bhutanesefindingaid.pdf (36 kB)
Bhutanese Style Architecture collection

MS001_Chicano_prelaw.pdf (206 kB)
Chicano/a Pre-Law Society Records

MS001_ClassSchedules.pdf (104 kB)
Class Schedules

MS001 College of Health Sciences.pdf (158 kB)
College of Health Sciences

MS001_dept_of_english.pdf (173 kB)
English Department

MS001 Drama Department records.pdf (127 kB)
Drama Department

MS001 UTEP El Paso Collaborative.pdf (140 kB)
El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence

MS001_energycenter.pdf (191 kB)
Energy Center

MS001_FacultyRecords.pdf (248 kB)
Faculty Records

MS001 UTEP Faculty Senate findingaid.pdf (59 kB)
Faculty Senate

MS001_Financial.pdf (334 kB)
Financial Records

MS001 UTEP Geology Dept findingaid.pdf (114 kB)
Geology Department

MS001 UTEP GraduateCouncilfindingaid.pdf (111 kB)
Graduate Council

MS001_Historydept.pdf (196 kB)
History Department

MS001_musicdept.pdf (49 kB)
Music Department

MS001_Photographs.pdf (762 kB)

Poster Inventory

MS 001 UTEP Presidents and Deans.pdf (258 kB)
Presidents & Deans

MS 001 UTEP Publications.pdf (600 kB)

MS001_StaffCouncil.pdf (342 kB)
Staff Council records

MS001_StudentAssociation.pdf (415 kB)
Student Government Association

MS001 UTEP Student Publications Office.pdf (883 kB)
Student Publications Office

MS001 University Communications records.pdf (417 kB)
University Communications records

MS001_COBA.pdf (29 kB)
College of Business Administration (COBA) collection