Submissions from 2015

Unidos sin fronteras: La historia viviente del Centro de los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos, Yolanda C. Leyva

Distance and Documents at the Spanish Empire's Periphery, Ignacio Martinez

Submissions from 2014


Review of "The Queens Regnant of Navarre: Succession, Politics and Partnership 1274-1512," by Elena Woodacre, Michelle Armstrong-Partida


Introduction: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Forum on the Past, Present, and Future of US (Un)Equal Rights., Ernesto Chavez

Gender and the Negotiation of Daily Life in Mexico, 1750-1856, Ignacio Martinez

The Paradox of Friendship: Loyalty and Betrayal on the Sonoran Frontier, Ignacio Martinez

Submissions from 2013

After the Underground Railroad: African Americans Returning from Canada and the Forgotten History of Transnational Reconstruction,, Adam Arenson

Banking on Memories: California History through the Home Savings and Loans Mosaics, , Adam Arenson

Holding St. Louis for the Union: The Urban-History Story of Camp Jackson, Adam Arenson

Review of Empire’s Edge: American Society in Nome, Alaska 1898-1934 by Preston Jones., Adam Arenson

Review of Missouri's War: The Civil War In Documents, Adam Arenson

The Civil War and the Trans-Mississippi West, Adam Arenson

This is Not How My Book Starts: Looking Back at Writing and Framing, Adam Arenson

Mexican Revolution of 1910, Samuel Brunk

Imagining the Mexican Immigrant Worker: (Inter)Nationalism, Identity, and Insurgency in the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles, Ernesto Chavez

’Ramon is Not One of These’: Race, Class, and Sexuality in the Construction of Silent Actor Ramón Novarro’s Star Image., Ernesto Chavez

“African Americans and Immigration,”, Maceo C. Dailey

“Emmett Jay Scott”, , Maceo C. Dailey


“Florida J. Kennedy,” , Maceo C. Dailey


“Inter-Racial Marriages in El Paso in the 1890s,’ , Maceo C. Dailey

UTEP Plays Key Role in City, UT System, Keith A. Erekson


African American Athletes in El Paso, Texas, 1940-1950, Eduardo Garcia

Elusive Justice: War Crimes and the Buchenwald Trials, David A. Hackett

Twentieth Century Europe: Sources and Perspectives from History by John Swanson and Michael , David A. Hackett

Book review of Salila Be;,esspis. ed., Native Claims: Indigenous Law Against Empire, 1500-1920 (Oxford Univ. Press, 20`12), Yasuhide Kawashima

The Tokyo Rose Case: Treason on Trial, Yasuhide Kawashima

Border Fictions: Globalization, Empire, and the Writing at the Boundaries of the United States , Yolanda C. Leyva

Crossing the Line: Mexican Children along the U.S.--Mexico Border, 1880-1940, Yolanda C. Leyva


Editing memoir and writing introduction for "Sangre de Indio," memoir of Chicano activist Ramon Arroyo, Yolanda C. Leyva

Unidos sin Fronteras: la historia viviente del Centro de Trabajadores Agricolas Fronterizos, Yolanda C. Leyva

’Glory Road’ and Texas Western College: Racial Policy, Big-Time Sports, and Higher Education. , Charles H. Martin

"Glory Road" and Texas Western College: Racial Policy, Big-Time Sports, and Higher Education, Charles H. Martin

Jim Crow on the Gridiron: The Racial Integration of Big-Time College Football in Texas., Charles H. Martin

The Revolt of the Black Athlete in the 1960s: The Case of Texas Western, Charles H. Martin

The Boundaries of Indigenous Nationalism: Space, Memory, and Narrative in Hualapai Political Discourse, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2008

A Cultural Barometer: The St. Louis Mercantile Library as National Institution, 1846-1871, Adam Arenson


At the Crossroads of Hualapai History, Memory, and American Colonization: Contesting Space and Place, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2007

Anglo-Saxonism in the Yukon: The _Klondike Nugget_ and American-British Relations in the ‘Two Wests,’ 1898-1901, Adam Arenson


Libraries in Public before the Age of Public Libraries: Interpreting the Furnishings and Design of Athenaeums and Other ‘Social Libraries,’ 1800-1860, Adam Arenson

Documents from 2006


Creating a Language Learning Environment: Salt River...Pima-Maricopa Indain Community...Language Program, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2004

“The Mortal Remains of Emiliano Zapata”, Samuel Brunk


Land, Labor, and Leadership: The Political Economy of Hualapai Community Building, 1910-1940, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 2000

"La muerte de Emiliano Zapata y la institucionalización de la Revolución mexicana, 1919-1940", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1999


An Enduring Voice in American Indian Education: The Arizona State University Center for Indian Education, 1959-1999, Jeffrey P. Shepherd

Documents from 1998


The Role of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Festival in Creating Brazilian American Community, Adam Arenson

"Remembering Emiliano Zapata: Three Moments in the Posthumous Career of the Martyr of Chinameca", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1996

"'The Sad Situation of Civilians and Soldiers': The Banditry of Zapatismo in the Mexican Revolution", Samuel Brunk

Documents from 1993

"Zapata and the City Boys: In Search of a Piece of the Revolution" , Samuel Brunk