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Oscar J. Martinez

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

(Social Worker; community leader) Born in Rio Florido, Chihuahua, on April 9, 1896; full-blooded Indian, Tepehuani and Tarahumara; educated in Chihuahua and at Sacred Heart School in El Paso, Texas.

Summary of Interview

Early life and migration to El Paso; reenganches and railroad workers; family background; immigration in Juarez-El Paso; beginning of work with U.S. Catholic Conference; Mexican evacuation, 1904-1905; housing in El Paso; Diaz-Taft meeting; wages in El Paso; refugees; World War I (brief); deportations of the 1930s; repatriations back to the United States; the term "Chicano."

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1 hour 30 minutes

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