Joseph M. Ray


Socorro Vilman

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

President of Texas Western College, 1960-1968 and President Emeritus, UTEP.

Summary of Interview

Ten cassettes include reflection and comments on the following topics:

1.- Board of Regents

2.- Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors of UT Systems

3.- The Mother University in Austin

4.- Faculty Autonomy

5.- Quality of Faculty

6.- Quality of Students

7.- Library Endowment

8.- Athletics

9.- Public Involvement

10.- Seek and teach the truth and the importance of research

11.- Latin American Program

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

10 hours

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Tape Number

No. 750

Interview Number

No. 750

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750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 2.mp3 (81672 kB)
Ray interview, part 2

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 3.mp3 (111788 kB)
Ray interview, part 3

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 4.mp3 (111588 kB)
Ray interview, part 4

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 5.mp3 (121420 kB)
Ray interview, part 5

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 6.mp3 (121257 kB)
Ray interview, part 6

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 7.mp3 (60288 kB)
Ray interview, part 7

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 8.mp3 (119048 kB)
Ray interview, part 8

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 9.mp3 (122044 kB)
Ray interview, part 9

750 Dr. Joseph M. Ray 10.mp3 (68837 kB)
Ray interview, part 10