Comparison of Lower Body Specific Resistance Training on the Hamstring to Quadriceps Strength Ratios in Men and Women

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In this study, we compared hamstring (H) and quadriceps (Q) strength changes in men and women, as well as changes in conventional and functional H:Q ratios following an identical 12-week resistance training program. An isokinetic dynamometer was used to assess 14 male and 14 female participants before and after the intervention, and conventional and functional H:Q ratios were calculated. Hamstring strength improved similarly in men and women, but improvement in quadriceps strength was significantly greater in men, while women showed only modest improvements. For the conventional and functional H:Q ratios, women showed significantly greater improvements than men. Both men and women were able to exceed the commonly recommended 0.6 conventional and 1.0 functional H:Q ratios after the 12-week lower-body resistance training program.