Submissions from 2015

Colette's Dogs of War and Ventroliquized Trauma in "Celle qui en revient", Martin Lowry

Muffling the Voices of Pleasure: The Aleatory Censorship of the “Narrative Peepshow”, Martin Lowry

Passive Expletive Constructions in Germanic, Nicholas J. Sobin

The Derivational Role of T, Nicholas J. Sobin

Submissions from 2014

Semi-Structured, Open-Ended Interviewing: A Qualitative Descriptive Study of Arab Muslim Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Living in the United States, Maissa H. Khatib

The Failure of the Mestizo: Inquiries into Mexican Cinema and Narrative of the 20th Century, Sara Potter


Servicios Preventivos Para Adultos, Lucia Sanchez-Llorente MA, MFA; Sandra Aziz; Eric Estrada; Eduardo Garcia; David M. Ramirez; Ymaliz Ramirez; Carolyn Henkel; Kiran J. Sidhu; Philip Velez; and Gordon Woods MD, MHPE, FACP


Aproximación al Paciente con Fiebre, Lucia Sanchez-Llorente MA, MFA and Gordon Woods MD, MHPE, FACP

Finding Subjects, Nicholas J. Sobin

Submissions from 2013

La palabra queda, Agustin Abreu Cornelio

Coral Bracho y la estructura rizomatica de El ser que va a morir, Carmen Amato

Aspectual ambiguity effects in the development of morphosyntax: English and Spanish contrasts in speaking about habitual events, Maria Blume

“Women on the Edge of Glory: Tarsiana, Oria, and Liminality, Matthew V. Desing

How Latin Word Order Works, Charles G. Elerick

On Translating Catullus 3, Charles G. Elerick

Primeras lecciones en el origin y desarrollo del español , Charles G. Elerick

¡Arriba! Comunicación y cultura , Hector M. Enriquez

Images de l'éducation dans trois romans de Malika Mokeddem, Jane E. Evans

Memory as Performance: Fatima Gallaire's Rimm la gazelle and Molly des Sables, Jane E. Evans

Principles and new cybertools for interlinking data in the study of language acquisition: Leveraging the advantages of a digital environment. , Claire Foley, Jordan Whitlock, Suzanne Flynn, Barbara Lust, and Maria Blume

Newcomb, Robert. Nossa and Nuestra América. Inter-American Dialogues, Sandra I. Garabano

La novela chicana en español, Fernando N. Garcia

Mistica y existencia de Dios, Fernando N. Garcia

Nietzsche, el ateo religioso, Fernando N. Garcia

Pedro Páramo: un retorno a los murmullos, Fernando N. Garcia

Bordeando la violencia contra las mujeres en la frontera norte de Mexico, Monarrez Fragoso Julia Estela and Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Data Transcription and Analysis Tool. User's Manual. , Barbara Lust and Maria Blume

Virtual Linguistics Lab (VLL) Research Methods Manual. Scientific Methods for study of Language Acquisition., Barbara Lust and Maria Blume


Searching interoperability between Linguistic Coding and Ontologies for Language Description: Language Acquisition Data. , Barbara C. Lust, Suzanne Flynn, Jon Corson-Rikert, Brian Lowe, and Maria Blume

Angeles del Abismo , Hector H. Montero Quintero

Corina Aguas Turbias (Short Story)., Hector H. Montero Quintero

Tiempo de Arco Iris (Short Story included in the anthology in Premios que cuentan., Hector H. Montero Quintero

“Analytic Transfer and Loss in the Movie Industry about the World's End, Jesus E. Morales

Marioto, Jesus E. Morales

Dolores Prida.' In Latino and Latina Writers, Kirsten F. Nigro

El viaje de los cantores: un viaje tragico a un paraso falso, Kirsten F. Nigro

Esta noche juntos, amandonos tanto de Maruxa Vilalta, Kirsten F. Nigro

Generaciones de mujeres, generaciones de dramaturgas, Kirsten F. Nigro

Getting The Word Out: Issues in the Translation of Latin American Theatre for U.S. Audiences, Kirsten F. Nigro

Griselda Gambaro vista desde lejos: primeros textos y contextos culturales, Kirsten F. Nigro

Haciendo historia, haciendo teatro: La noche de Hernan Corts, Kirsten F. Nigro

José Triana, Kirsten F. Nigro

La noche de los asesinos: Script and Stage Enactment, Kirsten F. Nigro

Luis Valdez.' In Latino and Latina Writers, Kirsten F. Nigro

Mas que palabras comunes: Ensayos sobre el teatro de Josae Triana, Kirsten F. Nigro

Otra vez: Palabras comunes de Jose Triana, Kirsten F. Nigro


Imágenes del Desencanto (Images of disenchantment), Pedro Perez del Solar


El Bigote de Hitler, Daniel Rios Lopera


Knowledge & Beliefs about Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology among Mexican-Origin Women in the U.S.: Implications for Effective Oral Contraceptive Use, Mickele Shedlin, Joseph E. Potter, Kristine Hopkins, Daniel Grossman, and Jon Amastae

Fronteras geograficas y culturales. Aproximaciones para una reflexion desde el norte de Mexico, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Gobernabilidad e ingobernabilidad en la region Paso del Norte, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Literature of the Borderlands, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Lo que el viento a Juarez. Testimonio de una ciudad que se obstina, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Mujeres y fronteras. Una perspectiva de genero, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Tendiendo puentes: Estudios literariosn mexicanos y chicanos, Maria-Socorro Tabuenca

Adequate Motivation and Bilingual Education: The Applicability of Majority-Language Immersion Programs to Limited- or Non-English-Proficient Spanish-L1 Grade-School Populations in the United States-Mexican Border Area, Richard V. Teschner

Festschrift for Jacob Ornstein: Studies in General Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Richard V. Teschner

Professor Jacob Ornstein--Biography, Bibliography, Richard V. Teschner

Spanish Speakers Semi- and Residually Native: After the Placement Test Is Over, Richard V. Teschner

Trade Secrets: Advising, Tracking, Placing, and Progressing through the College-Level Spanish-for-NativeSpeakers Sequence, Richard V. Teschner

Documents from 2010


Learning the meaning of verbs: insights from Quechua, Ellen H. Courtney

Tactical Silence in the Novels of Malika Mokeddem, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2009


A Memoir of Passage: Mort d'un silence, by Clémence Boulouque, Jane E. Evans


Masculinities in War: René-Nicolas Ehni's Algérie roman, Jane E. Evans

Re-inscribing the Body: a Study of Leïla Marouane's Le Châtiment des hypocrites, Jane E. Evans


The Soldier in French Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2008


Child production of Quechua evidential morphemes in conversations and story retellings, Ellen H. Courtney

Reconfiguring the Self: a Study of Latifa Ben Mansour's L'année de l'éclipse through Political, Psychological, and Stylistic Lenses, Jane E. Evans


The Quasi-confessional Autobiography: Mort d'un silence, by Clémence Boulouque, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2007


"Un écrivain en évolution": entretien avec Fatima Gallaire, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2006


Adult and child production of Quechua relative clauses, Ellen H. Courtney


Immigrants from the North: Woonsocket, Rhode Island Revisited, Jane E. Evans


Widowhood, Motherhood, Selfhood in Latifa Ben Mansour's L'année de l'éclipse, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2005

Accommodating Arabic in the Works of Malika Mokeddem, Jane E. Evans


The Fairy Tale Revisited in Malika Mokeddem's Le siècle des sauterelles, Jane E. Evans

Documents from 2002


Child acquisition of Quechua causatives and change-of-state verbs, Ellen H. Courtney


Learning to construct verbs in Navajo and Quechua, Ellen H. Courtney and Muriel Saville-Troike

Documents from 2000


Duplication in the L2 Spanish produced by Quechua-speaking children: Transfer of a pragmatic strategy, Ellen H. Courtney

Documents from 1999


Child acquisition of the Quechua affirmative suffix, Ellen H. Courtney

Documents from 1995


The acquisition of collective nouns, P. Bloom, D. Kelemen, A. Fountain, and E. Courtney