Submissions from 2013

Microgravity Combustion of Thermite Mixtures for Welding in Space and for Production of Structural Materials from Lunar Regolith, Francisco Alvarez, Armando Delgado, Jorge Frias, Mario Rubio, Christopher White, Ashvin Kumar Narayana Swamy, and Evgeny Shafirovich

Computation analysis of blood flow through deep veins, Enrique Busquets, Rene Chacon, Upendra Parimi, and Vinod Kumar

Computational Analysis The impact of Golf Ball's Dimples on Non-Linear Forces and Swing at High Reynolds Number, Enrique Busquets, Kiran Katta, and Vinod Kumar

A Local Space-Time Discontinuous Finite Element Method', John F. Chessa

An Enriched Finite Element Method for Axisymmetric Two-Phase Flow with Surface Tension', John F. Chessa

An Eulerian-Lagrangian method for fluid structure interaction based on level sets', John F. Chessa

Arbitrary Discontinuities in Space-Time Finite Elements by Level Sets and X-FEM', John F. Chessa

On Construction of Blending Elements for Local Partition of Unity Enriched Finite Element Methods' , John F. Chessa

The Extended Finite Element Method for Two-Phase Fluids', John F. Chessa

X-FEM for Fracture Mechanics with Quadratic Elements', John F. Chessa

Effects of Syngas Composition on Combustion Induced Vortex Breakdown (CIVB) Flashback in a Swirl Stabilized Combustor, G. Corona, M. Hayder, Bidhan K. Dam, and Ahsan Choudhuri

Flame Stability of Methane and Syngas Oxy-Fuel Steam Flames, Bidhan Dam, Norman Don Love, and Ahsan Choudhuri

Computer-Aided Bone Scaffold Design ABiomimetic Approach, A. Darling; Z. Fang; A. Lau; Sun W.; Lau, W.; T., Bradbury; A. Youssef,; C. Gaylo; and Connie Gomez

Connectivity forMass and Fluid Transport in Three-Dimensional Two-Phase Structures., M. F. Demirci, W. Sun, A. Shokoufandeh, and Connie Gomez

A New Objective Function for Improving Kinematic Calibration of Manipulators', Louis J. Everett

A New Robot Design to Passively Damp Flexible Robotic Arms', Louis J. Everett

A Preliminary Assessment Of An Msc.Adams Control Design Project In Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Engineering', Louis J. Everett

A Quantifiable Assessment of Situational Awareness Using General System Performance Theory', Louis J. Everett

A.S.A.P. Automated Sequential Assembly Planner', Louis J. Everett

Assessment Results Of Multi-Intelligence Methods Used In Dynamics', Louis J. Everett

Control of Robot Manipulators Through Robust Sliding Linearization', Louis J. Everett

Development of a Sophomore Year Engineering Program at Texas AM University', Louis J. Everett

Everett, Louis J., and Arun Pennathur, A Design Process for Conceptual Based, Counter-Intuitive Problems, 27 ASEE Conference, Hawaii, Louis J. Everett

Everett, Louis J., Arun Pennathur, Kerrie Kephart, Violet Jones and Elsa Q. Villa, Cultivating Authentic Engineering Discourse: Transitioning from an NSF CCLI Phase 1 to a Phase 2 Project, 27 ASEE Conference, Hawaii, Louis J. Everett

Everett, Louis J.,, NASA Opportunities For Minority Serving Institutions: Reflections Of NASA Administrator Fellows, 27 ASEE Conference, Hawaii., Louis J. Everett

Finding Diversity in Mechanisms Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm', Louis J. Everett

How MSC.Adams Impacted Students in a Sophomore Dynamics Class', Louis J. Everett

Identifying the Pose Between a Head Mounted Display and a Head Pose Sensor', Louis J. Everett

Increasing Success in a Dynamics Course through Multi-Intelligence Methods and Peer Facilitation', Louis J. Everett

Integrated Curricula: Purpose and Design', Louis J. Everett

Learn to Distinguish Problems From Exercises and Experience a Problem-Based Lesson', Louis J. Everett

'Performance Theory Based Outcome Measurement in Engineering Education and Training,', Louis J. Everett

'Planning the Texas AM University College of Engineering Sophomore Year Integrated Curriculum,', Louis J. Everett

Pose Estimation of a Pre-Grasped Object Using Local Sensors on a Dexterous Hand', Louis J. Everett


Project Dissemination, Louis J. Everett

Robust Impedance Control of Robot Manipulators', Louis J. Everett

Sliding Control of Robot Manipulators', Louis J. Everett

The Effect Technology And A Structured Design Problem Has On Student Attitudes About Theory In A Dynamics Class', Louis J. Everett

Undergraduate Robotics Education in Mechanical Engineering Engineering at Texas AM University', Louis J. Everett

Biomimeticmodeling and design of bone scaffold., Z. Fang, A. Lau, W. Sun, A. Darling, and Connie Gomez


Workshop – Evaluation of education development projects, Susan Finger, Don Millard, Russ Pimmel, Janis Terpenny, Maura Borrego, G. Amoussou, John Yu, and Louis J. Everett


A mini-workshop on how people learn, Susan Finger, Don Millard, Russ Pimmel, Janis Terpenny, John Yu, Maura Borrego, G. Amoussou, and Louis J. Everett

A Novel Fabrication Method Using Stereo-Lithography to Manufacture Poly(propylene fumarate) Craniofacial Prosthetic Implants, Fisher, Mikos, and Malcolm N. Cooke

A novel polymer with potential use in a trileaflet heart valve, S. L. Gallocher, A. Aguirre, V. Kasyanov, L. Pinchuk, and Richard Schoephoerster

Data Exchange for Unit-Cell Based Tissue Scaffold Design, Analysis and Fabrication.32th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference of the IEEE Engineering inMedicine and Biology. Easton, PA. , Connie Gomez

On Effective Properties ofHeterogeneous Bone Scaffolds. Proceeding of 29th Northeastern Bioengineering Conference, Newark, NJ, March, Connie Gomez


An ab initio study of the elastic behavior of single crystal group (IV) diborides at elevated temperature, Manny Gonzales, John F. Chessa, and Ramana V. Chintalapalle

An Experimental Investigation of Combustion Induced Vortex Breakdown (CIVB) Flashback in a Swirl Stabilized Burner, Mir Mohammad AB Hayder

Investigation of Combustion Induced Vortex Breakdown (CIVB) Flashback in a Swirl Stabilized Burner, Mir Mohammad AB Hayder

Advanced Computational Techniques for Fluid-Shuchue Interaction Problems'invited talk, Monterrey De Tech, Monterrey, Mexico,, Vinod Kumar

Advanced Computational Techniques for Incompressible/Compressible Fluid-Structure Interactions', Vinod Kumar

'Advanced Computational Techniques for Incompressible/Compressible Fluid-Structure Inteructions'., Vinod Kumar

Aerodynamic and Fluid-ShcW Interactions of MultipleParachute Canopies', Vinod Kumar

'Aerodynamic Interaction of Two Parachutes', Vinod Kumar

Aerodynamic Interactions Between Parachute Canopies', Vinod Kumar

Aerodynamic Interactions InvolvingMultiple Parachute Canopies', Vinod Kumar

'Aerodynamics of Parachutes', Vinod Kumar

'Aerodynamics of Parachutes Clusters', Vinod Kumar

Airdrop simulations of controlled parachute descents', Vinod Kumar

Airdrop Systems Modeling: Methods, Applications, and Validations', Vinod Kumar

'Airdrop Technologies: A Compntational Analysis', Vinod Kumar

Compressible flow past X-38 Crew Return Vehicle', Vinod Kumar

ComputationalMethods for Parachute Aerodynamics', Vinod Kumar

Computer and Science', Vinod Kumar

Estimating Local Plasma Sheet P om Measurements on a Single Spacecrafl', Vinod Kumar

Finite Element study of vortex induced cross-flow and in-line oscillations of a light Circular Cylinder at low Reynolds numbers', Vinod Kumar

Flow-Induced Oscillations of Two Cylinders in Tandem and Staggeredhngement', Vinod Kumar

Flow Induced Vibration of single Multiple cylinders', Vinod Kumar

Flow-Induced vibrations of a light Circular Cylinder at Reynolds numbers lo3 to lo4 ', Vinod Kumar

High Performance Computing: Solving MHD Equations', Vinod Kumar

Investigations of Interchange stability using the RCM-E', Vinod Kumar

K. Stein, R Benney, T. Tezduyar, V. Knmar, E. Thombmg, C. Kyle and T. Nonoshita,'Aerodynamic Interaction Between Multiple Parachute Canopies' in Proceedings of the Fimt MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics, Boston, MA, Vinod Kumar

My Love Affair with Rio-Grande: Valle: wildlife Photography', Vinod Kumar

Simulation of Parachute Dynamics During Control Line Input Operations', Vinod Kumar

The evolution of the storm-time ring current in response to different characteristics of the plasma', Vinod Kumar

Turbulent flow in Two-Dimensional U-ducts : A computational analysis', Vinod Kumar

Unsteady incompressible flows past two cylinder in tandem and staggered arrangements', Vinod Kumar

Vortex-Induced vibrations of a pair of cylmders at Reynolds number IWO', Vinod Kumar

Wnmerical Methodsfor Computer Assisted Analysis of l'arachuie Mwhanics', Vinod Kumar

Wumerical Simulation of so landing for clusters of cargo parachutes', Vinod Kumar

'Zffect of Coning Angle on Parachute Aerodynamics', Vinod Kumar

Solar Ponds for Anaerobic Digester Heating, S. Li, and Huanmin Lu

Image Based Bio-CAD Modeling and Its Application in Biomedical and TissueEngineering., J. Nam,; W. Sun; S. Khalil; Z. Fang; B., Starly; and Connie Gomez

A Novel Small Animal Model for Biocompatibility Assessment of Polymeric Materials for Use in Prosthetic Heart Valves, L. Pinchuk, A. J. McGoron, Q. Wang, and Richard Schoephoerster

Flow Field Visualization and Drag Analysis of Particles in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed Using a Non-Intrusive Optical Technique, M D. Sarker, Norman Don Love, and Ahsan Choudhuri

TissueEngineered Constructs: Connectivity Study for Three Dimensional Two-PhaseStructures, A. Shokoufandeh; W. Regli; W. Sun,; and Connie Gomez

Symposium on optical technologies to solve problems in tissue engineering and tissue mechanics, B. Starly, Z. Fang, W. Sun, A. Darling, and Connie Gomez

Biomimetic Modeling and Design of 3D Bone Scaffolds., B. Starly, W. Sun, and Connie Gomez

Modeling and Homogenization of Mechanical Engineering Properties of Polymer-based Tissue Scaffold Under Biodegradation,, Sun, Z. Fang, and Connie Gomez

Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, W. Sun; A. Darling; B. Starly,; and Connie Gomez

3D Tissue Engineered Constructs. , W. Sun, A. Regli, F. Shokoufandeh, M. Demirci, and Connie Gomez

Two- Phase Structure Representation and Design: Tissue Engineered 3-D Construct Connectivity Study., W. Sun, A. Shokoufandeh, M. F. Demirci, and Connie Gomez

Bioinformatic Modeling Based Design and Fabrication of Bone Tissue Scaffold. , W Sun, B. Starly, A Darling, and Connie Gomez

On Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering, B. Tarly, Sun W., Khalil S., Fang Z., and Connie Gomez

Combustible Mixtures of Lunar Regolith with Aluminum and Magnesium: Thermodynamic Analysis and Combustion Experiments, Christopher White, Francisco Alvarez, and Evgeny Shafirovich

In-Situ Production of Construction Materials by Combustion of Regolith/Aluminum and Regolith/Magnesium Mixtures, Christopher White, Francisco Alvarez, and Evgeny Shafirovich

'A Laboratory Designed to Enhance Students', Ryan B. Wicker

'A Laboratory Designed to Enhance Students', Ryan B. Wicker

'An Innovation-Based Fluid Mechanics Design and Fabrication Laboratory,', Ryan B. Wicker

'An Innovation-Based Fluid Mechanics Design and Fabrication Laboratory,', Ryan B. Wicker