Submissions from 2015

The Role of Cultural Distance in Business Relations: A Transaction Cost Analysis Perspective, Aniruddha Pangarkar and Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo

The Impact of Market Entry Modes and Distance on High Performance Work Practices in Different Countries., Richard Posthuma and Aniruddha Pangarkar

Submissions from 2014

Religious Affiliation: Buffering Negative Reactions to Service Failures, Kelly O. Cowart, Michael K. Brady, and Edward Ramirez

Religious Affiliation: Buffering Negative Reactions to Service Failures, Kelly O. Cowart, Edward Ramirez, and Michael K. Brady

Community-Based Initiatives and Poverty Alleviation in Subsistence Marketplaces, Roland Gau, Edward Ramirez, Maria Barua, and Ricardo Gonzalez


A Life in Research: "Julio O. De Castro: Open your Eyes! Research opportunities are all around you", Santiago Ibarreche

An Alternative Approach to the Measurement of Emotional Attachment, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo and Kevin E. Voss

Assessing the Greenness of Environmental Advertising Claims Made by Multinational Industrial Firms, Leonidas C. Leonidou, Constantinos N. Leonidou, John S. Hadjimarcou, and Irina Lytovchenko

A Guided Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Approach: Impact on critical thinking, Satish Nargindkar, Sub Samaddar, and Somnath Mukhopadhyay

A framework of revenue opportunity in hotel management - an optimal room allocation approach, Satish Nargundkar, Sub Samaddar, and Somnath Mukhopadhyay

Groups Teams and Conflict Management, Richard A. Posthuma

Ethics in International Business Negotiations, Richard A. Posthuma, Si-Hyun Kim, and Roger Volkema

Barriers to the Adoption of Environmentally-Sustainable Offerings, Edward Ramirez, Richardo J. Gonzalez, and Gerardo J. Moreira

Submissions from 2013


Foreign direct investment and industry response to organized crime: The Mexican case, Nathan Ashby and Miguel A. Ramos-Gonzalez

Effective Incentive Compensation for Sales Employees during Tough Economic Times, Michael Campion, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, and Richard A. Posthuma

Flexibility i-deals: How much is ideal?, Anjali Chaudhry, Smriti Anand, Robert C. Liden, and Prajya R. Vidyarthi

Marketing’s SEM based Nomological Network: Constructs and Research Streams in 1987-1997 and in 1998-2008, Meredith E. David, Michael J. Brusco, and Edward Ramirez

Understanding the Influence of Social Stigma and Language Choice in Advertising to Bilingual Consumers, Xiang Fang, Flor Ornelas, and Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo

Diversified Finance Corporation (case), John R. Foster

Supplying the Eating Out Revolution, Strategic Trends inFood Service Wholesaling, John R. Foster

Co-creating Meaning: The Role of Imagination in the Evaluation of Avatars in Advertising, Bashar Gammoh, Rand Wergin, and Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo

Perspectives on Poverty Alleviation: Community-Based Enterprise, Development of Innovation Capability, and the Vertical Integration Mindset, Roland Gau, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Ray Perez

Research in Progress: Job attribute preferences of low-wage Mexican-American women: A multimethod approach, Laura Guerrero

The Psychology of Working: A Case Study of Mexican-American Women with Low Educational Attainment, Laura Guerrero and Satvir Singh


Maquiladoras in the 21st Century: Six Strategies for Success, John S. Hadjimarcou, Lance E. Brouthers, Jason P. McNicol, and Donald A. Michie

Frank Hoy: From Small Business to Family Enterprises and many entrepreneurial ventures in between, Santiago Ibarreche

A Cross-National and Cross-Generational Study of Consumer Acculturation to Advertising Appeals, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, John S. Hadjimarcou, Maria E. Barua, and Donald A. Michie

Caught in the Crossfire: A Terror Management Account for Consumer Behavior in a Warzone, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, Edward Ramirez, and Arturo Diaz

Research in Progress: Restructuring Strategies of Family Firms During Recession, Giacomo Laffranchini and Miguel A. Ramos-Gonzalez

Assessing the Greenness of Environmental Advertising Claims Made by Multinational Industrial Firms, Leonidas C. Leonidou, Constantinos N. Leonidou, Irina Lytovchenko, and John S. Hadjimarcou

Too Popular to Ignore: The Influence of Online Reviews on Purchase Intentions of Search and Experience Products, Norma A. Mendoza and Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo

What’s in a Name: Transferring Brands to China, Mo, Julie, Jason P. McNicol, and Lance E. Brouthers

Inter-firm Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness: An Empirical Examination of Adaptation Ambidexterity, Binh H. Nguyen, Karen E. Flaherty, and Gary L. Frankwick

Improving Inter-firm Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness through Adaptation Ambidexterity, Binh H. Nguyen and Gary L. Frankwick

Moderation Effects of Partner Dependence on Ambidextrous Adaptation and New Product Success, Binh H. Nguyen, Zhening Xu, and Gary L. Frankwick

The moderating effect of social capital (a)symmetry on team member deviance, Frits K. Pil, John Hulland, and Kevin S. Cruz

Conflict Handling Styles, Richard A. Posthuma

High Performance Work Practices: An Integrative Literature Review, Analysis, And Directions For Future Research, Richard A. Posthuma

Age stereotypes in the workplace: Multidimensionality, cross-cultural applications, and directions for future research, Richard A. Posthuma and Laura Guerrero

Consumer-Defined Sustainably-Oriented Firm, Edward Ramirez

The Consumer Adoption of Sustainability-Oriented Offerings: Towards a Middle-Range Theory, Edward Ramirez


Heterogeneous Firm Response to Organized Crime: Evidence from FDI in Mexico, Miguel A. Ramos-Gonzalez and Nathan Ashby


Economic Sanctions Revisited: Additional Insights Into Why They Fail, Charles A. Rarick and Thaung Han


Islamic Finance: Panacea for the Global Financial System, Charles A. Rarick and Thaung Han


Cases in Leadership (Third Edition), W. Glenn Rowe and Laura Guerrero

Environmentally-sustainable marketing strategies and research opportunities for international marketing, Sayan Sarkar and Edward Ramirez

Research in Progress: The Impact of Strategic Disclosure and Geographic Distance on Target Selection, James Sharon


When individual locations affect the choice of multi-location acquisition targets, J Myles Shaver and Miguel A. Ramos-Gonzalez

Top Management Risk-Taking, Strategic Orientations and New Product Performance, Prashant Srivatava and Gary L. Frankwick

An Alternative Scale of Emotional Attachment, Kevin E. Voss and Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo

A Classification Schema of Co-production of Goods: An Open-Systems Perspective, Kevin E. Voss, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, and Gary L. Frankwick

MNE Home Country Cultural Norms and Conflict Strategy Fit in Transnational Business Contract, George O. White, Stav Fainshmidt, John S. Hadjimarcou, and Richard A. Posthuma

Market Heterogeinity and Country of Origin Effects: The Role of Competition Density, Shuang Yang, Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, John S. Hadjimarcou, and Gary L. Frankwick

Exploring the Impact of Social Undermining on Salesperson Deviance, Jaewon Yoo and Gary L. Frankwick

Promoting Boundary Spanning Behavior Among Service Personnel, Jaewon (Jay) Yoo, Todd J. Arnold, and Gary L. Frankwick

The Effect of Communication Practice on Salesperson Deviance: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation, Jaewon (Jay) Yoo, Karen Flaherty, and Gary L. Frankwick