Submissions from 2015

From Defense to Dissemination. Jump Start Your Academic Career with a Scholar Mentor Group, Diane B. Monsivais


Examining nervios among immigrant male farmworkers in the MICASA Study: Sociodemographics, housing conditions and psychosocial factors, Kathleen A. O'Connor, Maria Stoecklin-Marois, and Marc B. Schenker


Mental Health Outcomes of Mexico’s Drug War in Ciudad Juárez: A Pilot Study Among University Students, Kathleen A. O'Connor, Maricarmen Vizcaino, and Nora Angelica Benavides

Submissions from 2014

From barely there to fully present: 3 ways to improve your instructor presence. , Diane B. Monsivais


Narco-Trauma: The Phenomenology of the Mexican Drug War among Binational Students at the Border, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Patient controlled oral analgesia delivery device: Promising technology to improve pain control in acute care settings, Lauretta N. Stubbs and Diane B. Monsivais

Submissions from 2013

“Trauma among US University Students at the US-Mexico Border in a Context of Armed Conflict.”


The effect of acculturation and mutuality on the expectations of family loyalty among Mexican American family caregiver of older adults, Kyungeh An

Effective utilization of interpreters in health care, Thomas A. Beeman


Teaching effectiveness using sensory learning styles, Thomas A. Beeman

Chance or Crisis? , Hsuen-Fen Kao

Development of a Mexicans American family loyalty scale., Hsuen-Fen Kao


Use of the measurement of mutuality scale with Mexican American family caregivers of older adults., Hsuen-Fen Kao

21 Integration of Mental Health Care in Primary Care Settings: Needs and Problems, Leticia S. Lantican

22 Lantican, L. Mental Health Care Integration in Primary Care Settings: Needs and Problems. Book of Abstracts. ISPN Fourth Annual Conference, April, Washinon, DC, Leticia S. Lantican

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Alternative Training Strategies for Community Health Workers in Primary Health Care, Leticia S. Lantican

Effects of Ferrous Sulfate on Carbon Monoxide Toxicity and Brightness Discrimination and Reversal Learning in Mice., Leticia S. Lantican

'Effects of ferrous sulfate on carbon monoxide toxicity and brightness discrimination and reversal learning in mice.', Leticia S. Lantican

'Graduate students perceptions of a nursing faculty members roles and personality characteristics'., Leticia S. Lantican

'Health needs, beliefs problems of residents in a Border community'., Leticia S. Lantican

Nurse Manpower Study, Leticia S. Lantican

'Perceptions of Mental Health Problems and Mental Health Care Utilization in Mexican-American Female Clients:A pilot Study'., Leticia S. Lantican

Psychiatric Nursing Research: Status and Direction, Leticia S. Lantican

'Roles and personality characteristics of a nursing faculty member: Some empirical data'., Leticia S. Lantican

Social Support: Application and Directions for Research and Nursing Practice., Leticia S. Lantican

Stress Management Training Strategies for Nursing Students: An Experimental Annalysis, Leticia S. Lantican

'Trust-A basic component in interpersonal relationships'., Leticia S. Lantican

UPCN Research Bulletin, Leticia S. Lantican

Use of Mexican American family loyalty scale toward elderly relatives, M. R. Lynn

The Long- Term Safety and Efficacy of Intrathecal Therapy Using Sufentanil in Chronic Intractable Non-Malignant Pain , Diane B. Monsivais and Jose J. Monsivais

Educating the Research Team Let Significant Learning Principles Guide the Way, Diane B. Monsivais and Kristynia M. Robinson

A Morena Vai Sambar: The Representation of Women of Color in Brazilian Popular Music, Kathleen A. O'Connor

A Shared Head: Candomblé and the Poetics of Problems, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Assessing mental health risks of Mexico’s drug war among university students in Ciudad Juárez: A Report from the Field, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Encarta Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience. Front matter; Pp 1464-1466, Kathleen A. O'Connor


How to survive a death panel: Cancer, politics and public discourse, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Narco-Trauma: The Phenomenology of Post-Traumatic Stress among Binational Students at the Border., Kathleen A. O'Connor

O Outro Lado: Candomblé, Psychiatry and Discourse in Bahia, Brazil, Kathleen A. O'Connor

SAFESTORE, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Talking to God: Systems of Divination, Kathleen A. O'Connor

The Concept of Malicia in Capoeira, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Prevalence of mental health issues in the borderlands: A comparative perspective, Kathleen A. O'Connor, Robert L. Anders, and Hector G. Balcazar

Women’s ways of recovery: Ethnography of Sustained Sobriety. , Leslie K. Robbins


Abuse of female caregivers by care recipients (2001), Guillermina Solis

Examining nervios among immigrant male farmworkers in the MICASA Study: Sociodemographics, housing conditions and psychosocial factors, Maria Stoecklin-Marois, Marc Schenker, and Kathleen A. O'Connor