Submissions from 2015

From Defense to Dissemination. Jump Start Your Academic Career with a Scholar Mentor Group, Carlee Lehna, Melinda Hermanns, Diane B. Monsivais, and Joan Engebretson


Mental Health Outcomes of Mexico’s Drug War in Ciudad Juárez: A Pilot Study Among University Students, Kathleen A. O'Connor, Maricarmen Vizcaino, and Nora Angelica Benavides

Submissions from 2014


The Long- Term Safety and Efficacy of Intrathecal Therapy Using Sufentanil in Chronic Intractable Non-Malignant Pain, Diane B. Monsivais and Jose J. Monsivais


Narco-Trauma: The Phenomenology of the Mexican Drug War among Binational Students at the Border, Kathleen A. O'Connor

Submissions from 2013

Development of a Mexicans American family loyalty scale., Hsuen-Fen Kao

Roles and Personality Characteristics of a Nursing Faculty Member: Some Empirical Data, Leticia S. Lantican

SAFESTORE, Kathleen A. O'Connor


Examining Nervios Among Immigrant Male Farmworkers in the MICASA Study: Sociodemographics, Housing Conditions and Psychosocial Factors, Maria Stoecklin-Marois, Marc Schenker, and Kathleen A. O'Connor

Submissions from 2012


Effect of Acculturation and Mutuality on Family Loyalty Among Mexican American Caregivers of Elders, Kyungeh An and Hsueh-Fen S. Kao

Submissions from 2011


Testing of Applicability of Mutuality Scale With Mexican American Caregivers of Older Adults, Hsuen-Fen Kao, Mary R. Lynn, and Janice D. Crist

Submissions from 2008


Abuse of Female Caregivers by Care Recipients: Another Form of Elder Abuse, Linda R. Phillips, Esperanza Torres de Ardon, and Guillermina Solis

Submissions from 2006


Health Service Utilization and Perceptions of Mental Health Care Among Mexican American Women in a U.S.-Mexico Border City: A Pilot Study, Leticia S. Lantican