Submissions from 2014

Remapping Trade Relations in the Americas: The Influence of Shifting Power, Gaspare M. Genna

Submissions from 2013

Applying Machiavelli to Iraq , Charles R. Boehmer

Combining Levels of Analysis in tests of the Liberal Peace by Controlling for Monadic Effect, Charles R. Boehmer

Fiscal and Monetary Cycles in Latin America, William Roberts Clark, Mark Hallerberg, and Taeko Hiroi

Cross-Border Cooperation: The case of Ciudad Juarez-El Paso' with Hector Padilla Digame! Public Policy on the Texas Border with Brenner, Christine, Soden, Dennis, Eds. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall Hunt, Irasema Coronado

Fronteras No Mas: Toward Social Justice at the U.S.-Mexico Border 22 with Kathleen Staudt, New York: Palgrave, Irasema Coronado

La Vida en las Colonias de la Frontera/Life in Colonias on the Border' Latino Studies Journal, Irasema Coronado

Vice and Virtue in the U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings: Run for the Border , Irasema Coronado

Juntos Pero No Revueltos; Estudios sobre la Frontera Texas-Chihuahua, Irasema Coronado and Hector Padilla

Risk & Regulation in Illegal and Informal Markets, John Cross and Sergio Pena


Michigan: Republican Domination During a Population Exodus, Todd A. Curry, Michael K. Romano, and John Clark

The Small N Methodological Challenges of Analyzing Regional Integration, Philippe De Lombaerde and Gaspare M. Genna

Políticas: Latina Trailblazers in the Texas Political Arena, Sonia Garcia, Valerie Martinez-Ebers, Sharon Navarro, Patricia Jaramillo, and Irasema Coronado

Disaggregating IGOs in Time and Space, Erik Gartzke, Tim Nordstom, and Charles R. Boehmer

Who Joins IGOs?, Erik Gartzke, Tim Nordstrom, and Charles R. Boehmer

Regional Intergration as a Vehicle for Development: Tangled Networks or Orderly Associations, Gaspare Genna and Charles R. Boehmer

Economic Size and the Changing International Political Economy of Trade: The Development of Western Hemispheric FTAs., Gaspare M. Genna

Power Preponderance, Institutional Homogeneity and the Likelihood of Regional Integration, Gaspare M. Genna

Remapping Trade Relations in the Americas: the Influence of Shifting Power, Gaspare M. Genna

The Behavioral Origins of War. D. Scott Bennett and Allan C. Stam. 23. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The University of Michigan Press. Contemporary Security Policy., Gaspare M. Genna

Whose Ideas Matter? Agency and Power in Asian Regionalism. , Gaspare M. Genna

Examining the Distinct Effects of Emotive Triggers on Public Reactions to International Terrorism, Nehemia Geva and Cigdem Sirin Villalobos

'A New Seriousness about Public Sector Ethics,', Joseph B. Graves

'Can Politics and Ethics Co-exist?', Joseph B. Graves

'Criminal Justice Planning.', Joseph B. Graves

'Ethical Decision Making in the Public Sector,', Joseph B. Graves

'Internships and Student Values,', Joseph B. Graves

'Law in a Changing Society,', Joseph B. Graves

Breakdown of Democracy, Taeko Hiroi

Electoral Systems and Congressional Malfeasance: Comparing Brazilian Senators and Deputies in the Supreme Court Cases, Taeko Hiroi

Governability and Accountability in Brazil: Dilemma of Coalitional Presidentialism, Taeko Hiroi

The Effects of Unequal Size: Costs and Benefits of Unilateral Action in the Development of MERCOSUR, Taeko Hiroi and Gaspare M. Genna

Be Realistic Demand the Impossible: Public Policy Changes on the U.S.- Mexico Border, Raquel Marquez, Harriett Romo, and Irasema Coronado

Geografia Política do Voto e Desproporcionalidade de Representação no Senado Brasileiro, Pedro Neiva and Taeko Hiroi

Malapportionment and Geographical Bases of Electoral Support in the Brazilian Senate, Pedro Neiva and Taeko Hiroi

Causes and Triggers of Coups d'état: An Event History Analysis, Sawa Omori and Taeko Hiroi

Short-Term Triggers and Structural Risks of Coups d’état: The Effect of Policy Change in Asset-Specific and Unequal Societies, Sawa Omori and Taeko Hiroi

A War That Can’t Be Won: Binational Perspectives On The Drug War, Luis A. Payan

Contingency Planning and the Border Space, Sergio Pena

Cross-border Planning at the U.S.-Mexico Border: An Institutional Approach, Sergio Pena

Informal Markets: Street Vendors in Mexico City, Sergio Pena

Land Use Planning on the USA-Mexico Border: A Comparison of the Legal Framework, Sergio Pena

Recent Developments in Urban Marginality Along Mexico’s Northern Border, Sergio Pena

Regulating Informal Markets: Informal Commerce in Mexico City, Sergio Pena

The Determinats of Open and Closed Borders, Sergio Pena and Charles R. Boehmer

Binacional Planning and Crossborder Cooperation in the U.S.-Mexico Border, Sergio Pena and Cesar M. Fuentes

Colonias Health Issues in Texas. , Sergio Pena and Elizabeth L. Rosenthal

Dimensions of Legislative Conflict in Brazil, Lucio Renno and Taeko Hiroi

Obstrução e Processo Decisório na Câmara dos Deputados: 1991 a 2010, Lucio Renno and Taeko Hiroi

Malicious Monads and Dangerous Dyads: Lateral Pressure in a Regional Context, David Sacko and Charles R. Boehmer

Political Interstate Communities and interstate Violence, David Sacko and Charles R. Boehmer

Political Interstate Community and Peace: Fostering Common State Preferences through Intergovermental Organizations, David Sacko and Charles R. Boehmer

Analyzing the Determinants of Group Identity among Alevis in Turkey: A National Survey Study, Cigdem Sirin Villalobos

If They Only Had Cake: The Effect of Food Supply on Civil War Onset, 1960-1999, David Sobek and Charles R. Boehmer

Reforma de la Administracion de la Justicia en Mexico, Kathleen Staudt and Irasema Coronado

Building Coalitions, Making Policy: The Politics of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama Presidencies, by Martin A. Levin, Daniel DiSalvo, and Martin M. Shapiro, eds. 2012. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Jose D. Villalobos

The Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico, by Roderic Ai Camp. 2010. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Jose D. Villalobos

Documents from 2008


A Re-assessment of Liberal Pacifism at the Monadic Level of Analysis, Charles R. Boehmer


Intergovernmental Organization Memberships: Examining Political Community and the Attributes of International Organizations, Charles R. Boehmer and Timothy Nordstrom


Human Rights and Human Wrongs (with Kathleen Staudt), Irasema Coronado


Latinas in Local Government, Políticas: Latina Public Officials in Texas, Irasema Coronado


Public Policy Changes on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Irasema Coronado


Acción Cívica Binacional en Pro de la Rendición de Cuentas: Organización Contra la Violencia en Ciudad Juárez-El Paso, Irasema Coronado and Kathleen Staudt

Documents from 2007


The Effects of Economic Crisis, Domestic Discord, and State Efficacy on the Decision to Initiate Interstate Conflict, Charles R. Boehmer

Brazilian Regional Power in the Development of Mercosul, Gaspare M. Genna and Taeko Hiroi

Documents from 2006


Juntos Pero No Revueltos: Estudios sobre la frontera Texas-Chihuahua, Irasema Coronado


Styles, Strategies, and Issues of Women Leaders at the Border, Irasema Coronado


Mujeres y trabajo: la participación de la mujer en la fuerza laboral de la frontera Texas-México, Irasema Coronado and Christine Thurlow Brenner

Documents from 2005

Violent Adolescence: State Development and the Propensity for Militarized Interstate Conflict, Charles Boehmer and David Sobek


Resistance and compromiso at the global frontlines: Gender wars at the US-Mexico border (with Kathleen Staudt), Irasema Coronado

The Effects of Unequal Size: Costs and Benefits of Unilateral Action in the Development of Mercosur, Gaspare M. Genna and Taeko Hiroi

Documents from 2004

Do Intergovernmental Organizations Promote Peace?, Charles Boehmer, Erik Gartzke, and Tim Nordstrom

Domestic Institutional Convergence and Regional Integration: Further Evidence, Yi Feng and Gaspare M. Genna

Power Preponderance and Domestic Politics: Explaining Regional Economic Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1960-1997, Gaspare M. Genna and Taeko Hiroi

Documents from 2003

From War to Integration: Generalizing the Dynamic of Power Transition Theory, Brian Efird, Gaspare M. Genna, and Jacek Kugler


Regional Integration and Domestic Institutional Homogeneity: A Comparative Analysis of Regional Integration in the Americas, Pacific Asia, and Western Europe, Yi Feng and Gaspare M. Genna

Documents from 2002


Fronteras No Mas (with Kathleen Staudt), Irasema Coronado

Structural Conditions and the Propensity for Regional Integration , Brian Efird and Gaspare M. Genna

Documents from 2001

Investing in the Peace: Economic Interdependence and International Conflict, Erik Gartzke, Quan Li, and Charles Boehmer

Documents from 1998

Peripheral Long Cycles in Trade and Production: The Peruvian and Argentine Cases, Charles Boehmer

Documents from 1995


Legal Solutions vs. Environmental Realities: The Case of the United States-Mexico Border Region, Irasema Coronado