Submissions from 2015

Differential infidelity patterns among the Dark Triad, Daniel N. Jones

The effect of religious imagery in a risk-taking paradigm, Jessica Shenberger, Brandt Smith, and Michael A. Zarate

Submissions from 2013

Age-Related Differences Revealed in the Dynamics of Reaching Responses to Words and Non-words, R Abrams, D Balota, and Ashley S. Bangert

Reaching for Words and Non-Words: Interactive effects of word frequency and stimulus quality on the characteristics of reaching movements after response initiation. , R Abrams, D Balota, and Ashley S. Bangert


Polymorphisms of delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD) and peptide tansporter 2 (PEPT2) genes in children with low- level lead exposure, Heather Alterio, Christina A. Sobin, and Marisela Gutierrez

Declines in Synchronization-Continuation Tapping with Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease. , D Balota and Ashley S. Bangert


Examining drinking consequences and reasons for drinking in a bilingual college sample, Arthur W. Blume, Morera F. Osvaldo, Solanja Perez, and Jesus A. Orona

Parent-youth relationships and youth intentions to use drugs: Effects of parent’s lifetime acculturation trajectories and other parenting factors. , S Boyd, M Garvey, J Kellison, F Marsiglia, M Parsai, and Felipe Castro

In utero methanesulfonyl fluoride differentially affects learning and maze performance in the absence of long-lasting cholinergic changes in the adult rat, Rafael Cabeza

Predicting self-efficacy and decisional balance from light smoking and intermittent smoking status, stage of readiness and nicotine dependence , J Cabriales, J Blow, N Fernandez, M Skewes, S Ross, T Cooper, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Words translated in sentence contexts produce repetition priming in comprehension and production, A Camacho, C Lara, and Wendy S. Francis

Chronic Conditions and Depression in Elderly Mexican American and Non-Hispanic White Residents of a United States-Mexico Border County, Luis Carcoba

Negative affect heightens opiate withdrawal-induced hyperalgesia in heroin abusers, Luis Carcoba

Peripheral Physiological Measures of Psychological Constructs, Luis Carcoba

Effects of dopamine synthesis blockade on amphetamine-evoked behavior after unilateral nigral or cortical damage in the rat. Program.14. 25 Abstracts Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Washinon DC., Edward Castaneda

Gene therapy for Parkinsons Disease: Parametric studies of HSV/-galactosidase expression in the rat brain. Poster presented at the 31st Annual Society for Neuroscience Meetings, San Diego, California. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts, 27:Program., Edward Castaneda

Modeling operant behavior in the Parkinsonian rat. Program.1. 23 Abstracts Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Society for Neuroscience Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana., Edward Castaneda

Parametric studies of concomitantly evoked in vivo striatal dopamine overflow and rotational behavior by electrical stimulation. Program.14. 25 Abstracts Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Washinon DC., Edward Castaneda

Retrograde and Anterograde Axonal Transport in the Nigrostriatal Pathway of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Mutant Defective in the Immediate Early Gene Encoding ICP4. Program.1. 22 Abstracts Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Washinon, D.C: Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Orlando, Florida. CD-ROM., Edward Castaneda

Promoting health in Latino communities: The role of Promotoras as cultural agents of community health. , M K. Coe and Felipe Castro

Is self-report accurate when identifying substance use among probationers? Validation of a drug screen with a criminal justice population, Erin Costino, Megan A. O'Connor, and Jennifer L. Eno Louden

Ethnicity and Court Processes: An Archival Review of Adjudicated Jury Trials, Scott E. Culhane, Harmon M. Hosch, and Howard C. Daudistel

After-School Health Education and Physical Activity in a US-Mexico Border Setting., H De Heer, R Pederson, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Development of a culturally appropriate after-school health promotion program for underprivileged Hispanic children Development of a culturally appropriate after-school health promotion program for underprivileged Hispanic children Development of a culturally appropriate after-school health promotion program for underprivileged Hispanic children , H De Heer, R Pederson, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Modeling the influence of investigator bias on the elicitation of true and false confessions, J Evans,; S Brandon,; and Christian A. Meissner

Colorectal Cancer and Screening: Findings of a Focus Group Investigation, N Fernandez, D Arms, L Gomez, V Johnson, and Osvaldo F. Morera

The L2 advantage in recognition memory, Wendy S. Francis and Elva-Natalia Strobach

Do Individual Decision-Making Styles Predict Susceptibility to the Hot Hand Effect and Gambler’s Fallacy?, W Francis, L Gomez, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Controlling and abusive tactics: preliminary findings of a gender-inclusive questionnaire, John Hamel, Donald G. Dutton, Nicola Graham-Kevan, and Daniel N. Jones

Exploring social identity theory and the “Black Sheep Effect” among college student-athletes and non-athletes: How do labels change our reaction , Leslie Hawley and Harmon M. Hosch

Electrophysiological Responses to Evaluative Priming: The LPP is Sensitive to Incongruity, David Herring

Minimization and maximization techniques: Assessing the perceived consequences of confessing and confession diagnosticity., A Horgan,; M Russano,; J Evans,; and Christian A. Meissner

The Spanish Version of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS): Measurement Invariance and Psychometric Properties, Christopher Johnson, John S. Wiebe, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Virtual humans with secrets: Learning to detect verbal cues to deception, H Chad Lane, Mike Schneider, Stephen Michael, Justin S. Albrechtsen, and Christian A. Meissner

Effects of divided attention, word frequency, and bilingual proficiency on paired associate learning, B Lara and Wendy S. Francis

Effective mechanisms of specialized community supervision for offenders with mental illness, J Manchak,; J Skeem,; P Kennealy; and Jennifer L. Eno Louden

Mentally disordered offenders under community supervision. , Sarah Manchak, Jennifer Skeem, and Jennifer L. Eno Louden

An Investigation of Differential Item Functioning on Two MMPI-2 Scales with a Prison Population, S Martinez and Osvaldo F. Morera

The impact of text structure reading strategy instruction in a second language: Benefits across languages, Bonnie Meyer, Ana I. Schwartz, and Laura Enriqueta Mendoza

Test Development and Test Construction in Credentialing Examinations: A Brief Review., Osvaldo F. Morera

Important Considerations in Conducting Statistical Mediation Analyses, Osvaldo F. Morera and Felipe Castro

The moderating effects of ethnic identification on the relationship between parental monitoring and substance use in Mexican heritage adolescents in the Southwest US, J Nagoshi, F Marsiglia, M Parsai, and Felipe Castro


δ-Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase single nucleotide polymorphism 2 and peptide transporter 2*2 haplotype may differentially mediate lead exposure in male children, N. Parisi, T. Schaub, Alma X. Ortega, Christina A. Sobin, and Marisela Gutierrez

Measures of Dark Personalities, Delroy L. Paulhus and Daniel N. Jones

Stopping the revolving door for offenders with mental illness: A research agenda for reentry programming, J Peterson,; J Skeem,; and Jennifer L. Eno Louden


Future directions in Attitudes toward Immigrants., Stephanie Quezada and Michael A. Zarate


Hemispheric Resource Availability Influences Face Perception: A Multiple Resource Approach to Social Perception., L. Omar Rivera, Clarissa J. Arms-Chavez, and Michael A. Zarate

Assessing the Measurement Invariance of the Modern Homonegativity Scale, Daniel Romero, Osvaldo F. Morera, and John S. Wiebe

Reducing racism and prejudice., Jessica Shenberger, Amber Lupo, Michael A. Zarate, and Stephanie Quezada

A Preliminary RCT of CBT-AD for Adherence and Depression among HIV-Positive Latinos on the U.S. –Mexico Border: The Nuevo Día Study, Jane Simoni, David Huh, Giselle Sanchez, Virginia Longoria, Andres Bedoya, Steven Safren, John S. Wiebe, and John A. Sauceda

Comparing the predictive utility of two screening tools for mental disorder among probationers, J. Skeem, A. Blevins, and Jennifer L. Eno Louden

Recidivism among parolees with mental disorder: Evidence against a unidimensional focus on psychiatric treatment., Jennifer Skeem

Offenders with mental disorder have criminogenic needs, too: Toward recidivism reduction. , Jennifer Skeem, Eliza Winter, Patrick Kennealy, Joseph Tatar, and Jennifer L. Eno Louden

Views of Hispanic Female Smokers on Web-Based and Other Smoking Cessation Intervention Strategies—A Qualitative Study , M Skewes, N Fernandez, and Osvaldo F. Morera

Physical fitness mediates age-related changes in temporal reproduction. , A Szabo, P Reuter-Lorenz, R Seidler, and Ashley S. Bangert

The consequences of language proficiency and difficulty of lexical access for translation performance and priming. , N Tokowicz, J Kroll, and Wendy S. Francis

Chronic restraint stress during early Theiler’s virus infection exacerbates the subsequent demyelinating disease in SJL mice: II. CNS disease severity, Erin E. Young and Elisabeth Vichaya


Crossroads: The Psychology of immigration in the new century, Michael A. Zarate


Cultural inertia: The relationship between ethnic identity and reactions to cultural change. , Michael A. Zarate

The role of memory consolidation during sleep in stereotyping and social perception, Michael A. Zarate and Luke R. Enge

Documents from 2010


Correlates of weight concern and control in a Hispanic college student sample., J. Blow, T. Taylor, Theodore V. Cooper, and C. K. Redfearn


Perceptual identification and the cross-race effect, Jessica L. Marcon, Christian A. Meissner, Michael Frueh, Kyle J. Susa, and Otto H. MacLin


Criminal versus HUMINT interrogations: The importance of psychological science to improving interrogative practice., Christian A. Meissner, Jacqueline R. Evans, Susan E. Brandon, Melissa B. Russano, and Steven M. Kleinman


The importance of a laboratory science for improving the diagnostic value of confession evidence, Christian A. Meissner, Melissa B. Russano, and Fadia M. Narchet

Documents from 2009


Can intuition improve deception detection performance?, Justin S. Albrechtsen, Christian A. Meissner, and Kyle J. Susa


On a different plane: Cross-language effects on the conceptual representations of within-language homonyms, Ana B. Areas and Ana I. Schwartz


Working memory influences on cross-language activation during bilingual lexical disambiguation, Ana B. Areas Da Luz Fontes and Ana I. Schwartz


Assessing a smoking cessation program for veterans in substance use disorder treatment., Theodore V. Cooper, Y. M. Hunt, R. S. Burke, and C. J. Stoever

Club drug use in Hispanic college students, Theodore V. Cooper and Michelle R. Resor


Potential demographic and cultural predictors of heavy episodic drinking in Hispanic college students., Theodore V. Cooper, Jennifer Venegas, Natahsa Naylor, and Brenda S. Hanson


A pilot study of a brief smoking cessation intervention at the student health center., Theodore V. Cooper, Jennifer Venegas, Denise Rodriguez de Ybarra, Thom Taylor, and Jasjit S. Ahluwalia


Cross-racial lineup identification: The potential benefits of context reinstatement, Jacqueline R. Evans, Jessica L. Marcon, and Christian A. Meissner


Obesity-relevant behaviors: Patterns and correlates in a Hispanic college sample., D. Hu, T. J. Taylor, and Theodore V. Cooper


The need for expert psychological testimony on eyewitness identification, Roy S. Malpass, Stephen J. Ross, Christian A. Meissner, and Jessica L. Marcon


Assessing the influence of recollection and familiarity in memory for own- vs. other-race faces, Jessica L. Marcon, Kyle J. Susa, and Christian A. Meissner


False confessions, Christian A. Meissner, Allyson J. Horgan, and Justin S. Albrechtsen


Alcohol self-administration acutely stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, but alcohol dependence leads to a dampened neuroendocrine state, Laura O'Dell


A psychobiological framework of the substrates that mediate nicotine use during adolescence, Laura O'Dell


Female rats display dose-dependent differences to the rewarding and aversive effects of nicotine in an age-, hormone-, and sex-dependent manner., Laura O'Dell


Impact of serotonin 2C receptor null mutation on physiology and behavior associated with nigrostriatal dopamine pathway function., Laura O'Dell


Nicotine withdrawal produces fewer decreases in extracellular levels of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens of adolescent versus adult rats., Laura O'Dell

Protracted withdrawal from alcohol and drugs of abuse impairs long-term potentiation of intrinsic excitability in the juxtacapsular bed nucleus of the stria terminalis., Laura O'Dell


Rodent Models of Nicotine Reward: What do they tell us about tobacco abuse in humans?, Laura O'Dell

The effects of opioids and opioid analogues on animal and human endocrine systems, Laura O'Dell


Characteristics associated with smoking in a Hispanic sample., D. Rodriguez Esquivel, Theodore V. Cooper, J. A. Blow, and M. R. Resor

Curriculum Vitae, Ana I. Schwartz


Bilingual lexical disambiguation in context: The role of non-selective cross-language activation, Ana I. Schwartz, Li-Hao Yeh, and Ana B. Areas Da Luz Fontes

Sex differences in children with the 22q11 deletion syndrome, Christina Sobin, Karen Kiley Brabeck, Samantha Hadley Monk, and Jananne Khuri


Predictors of amount smoked per day in light smoking college students: A 7 day diary assessment., Thom Taylor and Theodore V. Cooper

Documents from 2008


Basic and applied issues in eyewitness research: A Münsterberg centennial retrospective, Brian H. Bornstein and Christian A. Meissner


Recognising faces across continents: The effect of within-race variations on the own-race bias in face recognition, Patrick M. Chiroro, Colin G. Tredoux, Stephano Radaelli, and Christian A. Meissner


Demographics and risky lifestyle behaviors associated with willingness to risk sexually transmitted infection in Air Force Recruits., Theodore V. Cooper, M. W. DeBon, K. Haddock, D. Rodriguez Esquivel, R. C. Klesges, H. Lando, and G. W. Talcott


Sequential treatment for nicotine dependence and postcessation weight concern in a female diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia., Theodore V. Cooper, B. S. Hanson, R. S. Burke, and Y. M. Hunt


Examining the cross-race effect in lineup identification using Caucasian and First Nations samples, Luke B. Jackiw, Katherine D. Arbuthnott, Jeffrey E. Pfeifer, Jessica L. Marcon, and Christian A. Meissner


A “middle road” approach to bridging the basic-applied divide in eyewitness identification research, Sean M. Lane and Christian A. Meissner


Training of eyewitnesses, Roy S. Malpass, Kyle J. Susa, and Christian A. Meissner


Cross-race effect in eyewitness identification, Jessica L. Marcon, Christian A. Meissner, and Roy S. Malpass


A theoretical and meta-analytic review of the relationship between verbal descriptions and identification accuracy in memory for faces, Christian A. Meissner, Siegfried L. Sporer, and Kyle J. Susa


The effects of accomplice witnesses and jailhouse informants on jury decision making, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Deah S. Lawson, Jessica K. Swanner, Christian A. Meissner, and Joseph S. Neuschatz


Cellular and behavioral interactions of gabapentin with alcohol dependence, Laura O'Dell