Submissions from 2015

A Comparison of Water-Related Perceptions and Practices among West Texas and South New Mexico Colonias Residents Using Storage Container and Private Well Water, Lydia Garcia, Christina A. Sobin, Joseph W. Tomaka, Rebecca L. Palacios, and William Shane Walker

Definition of Optimal Parameters for Grinding Process Through Taguchi Methodology, Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

El Manejo Manual de Materiales. , Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

Fatigue Dimensions Amomg AMT Operators in Mexico., Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

Inventory and Cost Reduction with Vendor Managed Inventory and Kanban., Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

Maximum Pinch Endurance Times in a Sample of Female Adults from Northern Mexico, Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

Proceeding of The XXV Annual Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference. , Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

δ-Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase single nucleotide polymorphism 2 (ALAD2) and peptide transporter 2*2 haplotype (hPEPT2*2) differently influence neurobehavior in low-level lead exposed children, Christina A. Sobin, Mayra Flores Montoya, Marisela Gutierrez, Natali Parisi, and Tanner Schaub

Submissions from 2014

Early chronic low-level lead exposure produces glomerular hypertrophy in young C57BL/6J mice, John Basgen and Christina A. Sobin

Perceptions of Community Health Workers (CHWs/PS) in the U.S.-Mexico Border HEART CVD Study, Maria O. Duarte-Gardea

Early chronic lead exposure reduces exploratory activity in young C57BL/6J mice, Mayra Flores Montoya and Christina A. Sobin