Submissions from 2015


Differential vocational rehabilitation services patterns related to the job retention and job placement needs of people with diabetes, Chung-Yi Chiu, Seneca Sharp, Joseph Pfaller, Philip Rumrill, Gladys Cheing, Jennifer Sanchez, and Fong Chan

Should College Students Disclose Their Mental Illness to Decrease Stigma?, Patrick Corrigan, Kristin Kosyluk, Fred Markowitz, Robyn Brown Lewis, Bridget Conlon, Joanne Rees, Jessica Rosenberg, Sarah Ellefson, and Maya Al-Khouja

Promoting a Supportive Environment on College Campuses for Students with Mental Illness, Kristin Kosyluk, Patrick Corrigan, Nev Jones, Drexler James, Sara Abelson, and Alison Malmon

Effect of college or university training on earnings of people with disabilities: A case control study, John O'Neil, Hyun-Ju Kang, Jennifer Sanchez, Veronica Muller, Holly Aldrich, Joseph Pfaller, and Fong Chan

Teaching multiculturalism in rehabilitation counselor training programs: A look at disability, Jennifer Sanchez

Using the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) model as a framework to predict participation and quality of life (QOL) in adults with severe mental illness, Jennifer Sanchez

Relationships between World Health Organization ICF constructs and participation in adults with severe mental illness, Jennifer Sanchez, David Aaron Rosenthal, Fong Chan, Jessica Brooks, and Jill Bezyak

Submissions from 2014


How does direct to consumer advertising affect the stigma of mental illness? , Patrick Corrigan, Kristin Kosyluk, Joyce Fokuo, and Jin Hee Park


Does humor influence the stigma of mental illnesses?, Patrick Corrigan, Karina Powell, Joyce Fokuo, and Kristin Kosyluk


Employer stigma as a mediator between past and future hiring behavior, Kristin Kosyluk, Corrigan Patrick, and Ronald Landis

Challenging Stigma, Amy Watson, Patrick Corrigan, and Kristin Kosyluk

Submissions from 2013

A psychometric validation of the Community Attitudes toward Mental Illness scale, Corina Huerta, David Enriquez, Leonardo Calderon, Timothy N. Tansey, and Naoko Yasui