Submissions from 2016

U.S.-Mexico Border: Inequalities, Structural Violence and Tuberculosis, Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez Baray, William Wood, and Omar Martinez

Submissions from 2015

Participatory Action Research with College Students with Disabilities, Neelam Agarwal, Eva M. Moya, Naoko Yura, and Corene Seymour

Practicas Prometedoras en Abogacia, Comunicacion y Movilizacion Social en TB en Mexico , Bianca Lomei and Eva M. Moya

Secondary Trauma among Caregivers who work with Mexican and Central American Refugees , Mark W. Lusk and Samuel R. Terrazas

Adaptation of a Couple-Based HIV/STI Prevention Intervention for Latino men who have Sex with Men in New York City , Omar Martinez

Overcoming Issues and Challenges in Serving the Sexual Health Needs of Latino Immagrants in the United States, Omar Martinez, Elwin Wu, Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez Baray, Brian Dodge, Zach Shultz, and Javier Lopez

A Couple-based Approach: AN Innovative Effort to Tackle HIV Infection among Latino Gay Men, Omar Martinez, Elwin Wu, Theo Sandfort, Zach Shultz, Silvia M. Chavez-Baray, Eva M. Moya, Brian Dodge, Gabriel Morales, Antonio Porras, and Hugo Ovejero

Problematic Alcohol Consumption Among Latino MSM in New York City: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Model with Demographic Characteristics, Sexual Risk Factors, Childhood Sexual Abuse Experiences, and Mental Health Outcomes, Omar Martinez, Elwin Wu, Andrew Z. Shultz, Theo Sandfort, Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez Baray, Jonathan Capote, J Lopez Matos, J Manusov, H Ovejero H, A Carballo-Dieguez, and Scott D. Rhodes

Gender, Health and Empowerment, Eva M. Moya


Assessment of Stigma Associated with Tuberculosis in Mexico, Eva M. Moya, Amitava Biswas, Silvia Maria Chavez Baray, Bianca Lomeli, and Omar Martinez

Sexual and Reproductive Health of Migrant Women: Pilot Study in El Paso Texas, Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez-Baray, and Selena Finley

Exploring Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual and reproductive Health Needs in El Paso, Texas, Eva M. Moya, Silvia M. Chavez-Baray, and Omar Martinez

Sexual and Reproductive Health in El Paso, Texas: Challenges and Oppirtunities , Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez, and Selena Finley

Identification of Health Improvements through Photovoice and Community Health Workers , Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez, Omar Martinez, and Maria Covernali

Submissions from 2014


Hope and Resiliency in a Mexican refugee. , Mark W. Lusk

Teaching Clinical Social Work in Spanish: Cultural Competency in Mental Health, Mark W. Lusk and Silvia Chavez

Still a Hard-to-Reach Population? Using Social Media to Recuit Latino Gay Couples for an HIV Intervention Adaptation Study, Omar Martinez, Elwin Elwin, Zach Shultz, Jonathan Capote, Javier Lopez Rios, Theo Sandfort, Justin Manusvo, Hugo Ovejero, Alex Carvallo-Dieguez, Silvia Chavez Baray, and Eva M. Moya

100 Years of Social Work in the United States, Eva M. Moya

Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Health: Voices and Images of Latina Survivors, Eva M. Moya, Silvia Chavez Dr., and Omar Martinez Dr.

Public Art, Service learning, and Critical Reflection: Nuestra Casa a case Study of Tuberculosis Awareness on the US-México Border, Eva M. Moya and Guillermina Nunez-Mchiri

Submissions from 2013

Perspectives from Persons Affected by Tuberculosis and TB-Related Stigma in El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

U.S.-Mexico Border (La Frontera): Challenges and Opportunities in Rural and Border Health

Educating home care professionals about falls risk: Do traditional educational models work?Sumulation Strategies for Enhanced Learning, Candyce S. Berger and Katherine Lawson

Mental Health Disparities and Social Justice on the U.S. Mexico Border Region, Arthur A. Islas and Griselda Villalobos

Tuberculosis y Co-Morbiliudades: Estudio Exploratorio sobre Satisfaccion de Usuarios de Servicios de Salud, Blanca Lomeli, Eva M. Moya, and Patricia M. Juarez

Mental Health Among Mexican Refugees Fleeing Violence and Trauma., Mark W. Lusk, Jana L. Mc Callister, and Griselda Villalobos

Women of the River: Grassroots Organizing and Natural Disaster. , Larry Morton and Samuel R. Terrazas

De la Tos a la Curacion, Eva M. Moya

"Vision and falls: A multidisciplinary review of the contributions of visual impairment to falls among older adults, Rebecca Reed-Jones, Guillermina Solis, Katherine Lawson, Amanda Loya, Donna J. Cude-Islas, and Candyce S. Berger

Community-Based Health Promotion and Community Health Workers: prevention Works When They Do It., Mary Sanchez-Bane

Educating Social Work Students in Health Care Practice: Simulation Strategies for Enhanced Learning, Kathryn Schmidt, Donna J. Cude-Islas, Candyce S. Berger, and Mark W. Lusk

Farmworker Access Barriers to Mental Health Care: Social Service Provider Attitudes, Samuel R. Terrazas

Migrant Headstart Teacher Attitudes and beliefs: Mental Health Stigma and Immigration. , Samuel R. Terrazas

Vivencias de migrantes mexicanos (en Mexico y Estados Unidos) en torno a estados emocionales depresivos y el consumo de alcohol y drogas., Teresa Torres, Jose Luis Lopez, and Griselda Villalobos