Submissions from 2015

Future of Traumatic Brain Injury in Adults, Anthony P. Salvatore

Seminars in Speech and Language, Anthony P. Salvatore


Reliability and Validity Evidence of Multiple Balance Assessments in Athletes with a Concussion, Anthony P. Salvatore, Douglas Powell PhD, and Rebecca Reed-Jones

Submissions from 2014

The effect of hearing aid noise reduction on listening effort in adults, Jamie L. Desjardins


Assessmnet of oculomotor control and balance post-concussion: A preliminary study for a novel approach to concussion managment, Anthony P. Salvatore, Pradeep Ambati, Monica M. Contreras, and Rebecca Reed-Jones

Submissions from 2013

A Novel Analysis of the Mechanics of Cochlea, the Inner Ear. Proceedings of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress Exposition, Washinon, D.C., Amitava Biswas

Expert System-Type Approach to Voice Disorders: Scheduling Botulinum Toxin Treatment for Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia, Amitava Biswas

Mechanically evoked perioral reflexes in premature and term human infants, Amitava Biswas

Neurophysiological monitoring of the orofacial system in premature and term infants., Amitava Biswas

Measures of Culture and Disability in Rehabilitation and Health Assessment, C. Donnell, S. Robertson, and Timothy N. Tansey

The interaction of context, social power, and disability: A nonlinear conceptualization of attitudes toward persons with disabilities, C. Donnell, C. Shannon, and Timothy N. Tansey

Advanced statistical analyses in rehabilitation: Using meta-analysis in research.. , M. Frain, J. M. Ferrin, and Timothy N. Tansey

Efficacy and utilization of services for clients with traumatic brain injury in a rural vocational rehabilitation system: Evaluating the emerging evidence., S. LeBlanc, K. Juchau, B. Schoen, and Timothy N. Tansey

Professional Identity Development among Master's Level Rehabilitation Counselor Trainees: A Qualitative Study, Julia Louw, Bryan Austin, Eniko Rak, and Erin F. Barnes

Factor structure of the Community Attitudes toward Mental Illness- Revised (CAMI-R) scale., K. Maier and Timothy N. Tansey

Inner Control as an Operational Mechanism in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Ryan Nelson

Interpreting Problematic Behavior: Systematic Compensatory Adaptations as Emergent Phenomena in Autism Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Ryan Nelson

Models of phonology in the education of speech-language pathologists, Ryan Nelson

Corticospinal output to the abdominal wall musculature: a TMS study. Clinical Neurophysiology, S. Schwerin, C. M. Sapienza, J. A. Kleim, and Anuja Chhabra

Concussion management: Speech-Language, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Theraplay, in C.E. Schaefer and H. Kaduson. Contemporary Play Therapy, New York: Guilford Publications, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Item analysis of the Speech Sounds Perception Test and, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Schizophrenia and the structure of language: The linguist's view, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Sommerfriezeit far Behinderte Kinder, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Spectral analysis of the Speech Sounds Perception Test and thepotential relationship to hearing loss, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

WAIS-III Norms for Working-age Adults: A Benchmark for Conducting Vocational, Career and Employment-related Evaluations, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

Comparative attitudes towards persons with mental illness: Revisiting Granello and Wheaton, Timothy N. Tansey

Semantic differential in the direct measurement of attitudes toward persons with mental illnesses., Timothy N. Tansey

The effects of a sequential priming exercise on the direct assessment of attitudes toward persons with mental illness., Timothy N. Tansey

Understanding impulsivity in persons with disabilities, Timothy N. Tansey

Promoting quantitative literacy in counselor education., B. Williams, M. Frain, M. Tschopp, J. Weibold, and Timothy N. Tansey

Instruction in rehabilitation counseling: Providing effective and ethical education for students who are blind. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation, B. Williams, M. K. Tschopp, and Timothy N. Tansey