Factors Influencing Participation in Worksite Wellness Programs Among Minority and Underserved Populations

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Thompson, S., Smith, B. Bybee, R. (25). Factors influencing participation in worksite wellness programs. Family & Community Health, 28(3), 267-273.


In the United States, employers and employees are increasingly paying a larger portion of the nation's healthcare bill. Preventive measures are being employed by businesses in an effort to contain the escalating costs of employee healthcare. The work site is an ideal setting for health promotion because 130 million Americans are employed and spend one third of their time at work. However, unhealthy workers tend to be the least likely to participate in health promotion activities. Worksite Wellness Programs must be designed to engage segments of the work force with the greatest health needs. Culturally sensitive and appropriate programs must be developed to engage economically challenged minority and other underserved populations.